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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Fire damages Moffett Hall lab in early morning, Dec. 11

fire on campus Tuesday morning caused significant damage to a molecular biology laboratory in Moffett Hall and forced the temporary evacuation of Moffett, Schultz and Guyot halls. No one was injured.

The fire, which is still under investigation, appears to have been electrical in nature, probably caused by an equipment failure. The lab works on DNA synthesizing and sequencing.

A handful of people were in the building when the fire alarm went off at 6:28 a.m. and they were evacuated. Public Safety officials responded immediately, along with Princeton Borough firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

A Hazmat team also responded because of hazardous chemicals stored in the lab. With the exception of a single one-gallon container of a solvent, which was consumed by the fire, no other chemicals were involved.

Damage to the lab and to the floor below, which has not yet been tallied, was caused primarily by smoke and water. The fire itself was contained to a small area in the lab and was extinguished quickly.

The buildings were reopened shortly before 9 a.m., but the lab itself remains closed.

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