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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Lamont honored for book

The Society for Comparative Research has named sociology professor Michele Lamont winner of the Mattei Dogan Award for the best comparativist book in 2001. The honor is for her book "The Dignity of Working Men," published by the Russell Sage Foundation and Harvard University Press.

The book is "an extraordinarily sensitive, highly original interview-based study of the lives and times of working men, both white and black, and American and French," according to the citation. "What it does, to excellent effect, is to explain the ways in which a moral economy, rather than material wealth, provides the currency in which success is measured among working men."

The scholarly society described the book as "a study which impresses with its methodological sophistication at a time when qualitative methodologies are deeply in question; with its theoretical originality at a time when 'theory' sui generis is increasingly the object of skepticism; with its subtle treatment of race at a time when the persistence of in sore need of explanation; with its capacity to hit one with striking insights and ideas at a time when the social sciences are badly in need of them."

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