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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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Evnin Lecturer looks at bioterrorism threat, March 25

A talk on "Facing the Growing Threat of Bioterrorism" will inaugurate the 2004 Evnin Lecture Series at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 25, in Reynolds Auditorium, McDonnell Hall.

Steven Block, a biophysicist from Stanford University, will present the lecture, which is the first in a series on "Beyond Fear: Response to Bio- and Cyber-Terrorism" sponsored by the Council on Science and Technology .

Block, who served on Princeton's molecular biology faculty from 1994 to 1999, has held a joint appointment in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Applied Physics at Stanford for the past five years. He is also a senior fellow of Stanford's Institute for International Studies and a member of JASON, a group of academicians that consults for the U.S. government and its agencies on technical matters related to national security.

Block has written and spoken extensively about the threat of bioterrorism. He led an influential study in 1997 on the impact of genetic engineering on biological warfare, and he has testified before Congress and served on several government advisory panels dealing with biosecurity issues. He currently serves on the Panel on Public Affairs of the American Physical Society and on a committee constituted by the National Academy of Sciences on next-generation biological threats.

Contact: Tom Bartus (609) 258-3601

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