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Monday, April 24, 2017

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New University Web site available for preview

A month-long campus-wide preview of the University’s redesigned home page and core Web site began Jan. 14. The preview offers the campus community the opportunity to provide feedback on the new design, audience pages, content groupings and navigational tools.

An explanation of how to navigate the new site, some quick visual guides and frequently asked questions about the project are available in the About this Site pages.

The new design and features are intended to convey a better sense of Princeton through the Web and to make it easier to navigate, provide and update Web content. The Web site redesign is a joint effort of the Office of Communications and the Office of Information Technology. The project is coordinated by Reed Meister, director of Web communications and strategic projects in the Office of Communications.

Please be aware that there are some minor technical issues for certain browsers and pages currently being resolved. The preview site can only be viewed on computers connected to the campus network or by those with log-in privileges.

In order to provide feedback about the site, please use the Web page feedback form, which is highlighted in the footer on the new home page.

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