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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Eye of the Tiger: Christian Staehely

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An excerpt from the Princeton Athletics video series featuring scholar athletes.

Video Closed Captions

Christian Staehely:
Hi, my name is Christian Staehely, and I'm a senior on the baseball team.
You're watching Eye of the Tiger.

Christian Staehely:
I got interested in baseball...I guess I started playing t-ball when I was five.
I guess that's when you start playing t-ball.

Christian Staehely:
My dad was a big baseball guy. He grew up in Texas and he went to U.T.,
and wasn't a football fan -- he was more of a baseball guy.

Christian Staehely:
So I didn't learn how to throw a football until I was in college but learned
to throw a baseball when I was four.

Christian Staehely:
Actually I had no intentions of going to Princeton. I always wanted to go to
U.T. or Rice, and then I went to the Perfect Game Showcase in Marietta,

Christian Staehely:
Georgia (I was on a select baseball team in high school) and some of the Ivy
League schools saw me play and pitch and asked about grades and stuff.

Christian Staehely:
I told them my grades, then they started recruiting me, so I sent a video to
Princeton, even though Princeton's never heard of me or seen me.

Christian Staehely:
Some of the video was of me pitching in our state playoffs and stuff,
and the next thing I knew, Coach Bradley was interested in me,

Christian Staehely:
flew me up here and I loved it, loved the team. It was the best atmosphere
for Ivy League sports, I thought.

Christian Staehely:
Right now I'm still considering playing baseball after school. I played
European baseball last fall when I studied abroad.

Christian Staehely:
I played for the Swedish national team (since I'm a Swedish citizen) and
I got a few offers in Europe to play

Christian Staehely:
and in Australia, in case the U.S. doesn't work out, but I'm still crossing my
fingers for that.

Christian Staehely:
My biggest hobby is playing music and writing and recording music.
I kind of set up this little home, this room,

Christian Staehely:
a makeshift recording studio out of my dorm room. I specifically got
a single this year so I could make it and soundproof it.

Christian Staehely:
It's about as good as I can do for up here at Princeton. But I love
instruments and messing around with different instruments,

Christian Staehely:
anything with strings, I love playing them. I'm trying to teach myself piano
right now.

Christian Staehely:
My favorite class was probably an Indian music class taught by Ustad
Zakir Hussain,

Christian Staehely:
who is this world-renowned tabla player, and he taught us about
Indian music.

Christian Staehely:
It was a very introductory-level class, but it taught me a lot about the
history of Indian music and its integration

Christian Staehely:
with Western music. And he would give live performances in class, and it
was pretty amazing

Christian Staehely:
to have this world-renowned guy teach your class and give little concerts.
It was amazing.

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