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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Student work: BodyHype

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Princeton's BodyHype Dance Company enthusiastically embraces a variety of styles, including ballet, hip-hop and modern.

Video Closed Captions

Sar Medoff:
When I say "body" you say "hype." Body! Hype! Body! Hype!

Sar Medoff:
When I say "body" you say "hype." Body! Hype! Body! Hype! Body body! Hype hype! Body body! Hype hype!

(music, audience cheers)

Elizabeth Schwall:
BodyHype Dance Company is a family.

Katie Wong:
... and four, and five, and six ...


Sar Medoff:
... just sitting around having a good time. Occasionally we dance.

Kelsey Berry:
... interesting choreography and really great dancers. And me.


Evie Austell:
It's a group of people who love to dance and yet still love each other, which is pretty rare.

Sar Medoff:
More than life itself sometimes.

(music, audience cheers)

Julie Rubinger:
BodyHype Dance Company is a company of 24 dancers right now who all love to dance. And every year we put on two big shows.

(music, audience cheers)

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