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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Video: Communicating science

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Professors enlist the help of elementary school students to explain the science of communication behind sound waves and more. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

SPEAKER 1: I ran across this
article that started with a

headline, caterpillars
communicate with their butts.

And when I read the headline
I thought, wow

what a great theme.

I get to talk about
communication and animals and

funny things.

So how do we communicate?

SPEAKER 2: Through
sound, waves,

body movements, hearing.

SPEAKER 3: It was just
really interactive.

I did the telephone.

SPEAKER 1: And you pass the
message along [? the line. ?]

SPEAKER 4: Something,
something Monday.

SPEAKER 1: Something,
something Monday.

SPEAKER 5: I heard, like,
blueberry pears on Monday.

SPEAKER 1: Blueberry pears
on Monday, OK.

Bonnie sells bluebells at
Princeton on Monday.

There's a wave of sound that
you see as a wave in the

heights of the candles.


Some are low.

Everyone see that?

SPEAKER 6: I learned that
bacteria can light up.

SPEAKER 7: This certain kind
of bacteria glows up in the

dark and it's on the squid.

SPEAKER 8: The bacteria make the
light, they get fed, and

the squid uses the light
to protect itself.

SPEAKER 7: And without this
bacteria, the squid could

never get food.

SPEAKER 8: I love talking to
kids and doing outreach and

trying to make young people
or old people think

that science is cool.

That it's mysterious.

That it's beautiful like the
way these bacteria make

bioluminescences beautiful.

And that anyone can learn it.

SPEAKER 1: This kind of
movement, this vibration is

very important.

Can they be made visible?

Can we see what it is exactly
is [? the sound ?]

Can we visualize it?

SPEAKER 3: I think that this was
a really cool experience.

And I want to come back
for another one.

Thank you.

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