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Monday, April 24, 2017

Daniel Walker


Photo by Denise Applewhite


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Employee spotlight: Daniel Walker

Name: Daniel Walker

Position: Maintenance assistant at the Frist Campus Center. Serving as the acting foreman of the center's maintenance team. Handling event setup for the multipurpose rooms and other locations throughout Frist, which hosts some 15,000 events per year. Working with event organizers to implement modifications or additions to room setups on site. Assisting the center's management in the opening and closing of the facility.

Quote: "I enjoy working with the staff and my supervisors, who make it a friendly place to work. We know what our jobs are, and we're expected to do great work. I also like meeting and working with students from around the world. It's a nice environment as a whole. My wife worked part-time in University Health Services while she was attending nursing school, so Princeton has helped her, too."

Outside interests: Spending time with his wife, Michele, and their children, Sahmone, Trévon, Alon and Sianni. Playing bass guitar. Producing music. Bowling.

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