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Monday, April 24, 2017

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The Sweet Life at Princeton's Bake Shop

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The bake shop at Princeton University offers sweet treats made with a whole lot of love. Read more.

Video Closed Captions


HEATHER MINNICH: Working early in the
morning is good.

It's nice and quiet,
there is no traffic.

The only thing that isn't good about
it is getting up in the morning

because I am not
an early riser.

BRUCE YEAGLE: I'm usually up around 3:00
to get in here around 4:15.

I've been doing it for seventeen years and
still can't get used to getting up

as early as I have to
to come in here.

KARA KAZIOR: I start at 5:30.

JAMES LEWIS: It's pretty much a challenge.
Sometimes you don't want to get up

in the morning at all.
It's too early.

BRUCE YEAGLE: I thought it would get easier,
but it really doesn't.

HEATHER MINNICH: Otherwise it's great.

HEATHER MINNICH: We are in the Rockefeller building
and we are in the Bake Shop

It is the very basement
of this building.

KARA KAZIOR: When I first applied for the job everybody
was like, "Oh the Bake Shop, it's in the basement."

I didn't know where. I'm wondering
where Rocky-Mathey is,

let alone it's going to
be down in the basement

BRUCE YEAGLE: We're just under the radar,
and they see our products everywhere,

they just really don't know
where they come from.

BRUCE YEAGLE: Everything on campus
that you see dessert-wise

I'd have to say ninety-nine percent
comes out of this shop.

We're a small shop.
We only have seven employees,

but we're providing a great
quantity of desserts

and all the pizza dough also.

HEATHER MINNICH: We're going through probably 50 bags
of flour a week for just pizza dough alone...

probably 150 pounds to 250 pounds of
butter per week...

40 or 50 of each cake per day
when we say make chocolate chip muffins

for the retail shops, we're making anywhere
from 40 to 50 dozen at a time...

If we're making a cookie for lunch or
for dinner, usually it's around 70 dozen

at a time. We do so many products I probably
don't even have a count of how many we do...

It's a's like 30 hundred dozen cookies
a week just for contract alone,

which means all the colleges
that we make for.

KARA KAZIOR: This is very active, keeps your day going
I love the bakery, the people here are wonderful.

They're just easy to
get along with.

JOSEPH VELEZ: It's good. We all work together
really well.

We get along very well. There's a lot of
different personalities, so it's a lot of fun.

HEATHER MINNICH: We basically have become a very
tight-knit family.

I consider them my friends. Most of them are
guys so they're kind of like my brothers,

or actually, kind of like my kids.
They all call me "Mom."

JOSEPH VELEZ: I would describe this place
to everybody as basically my second home,

my second family. That's how everybody here
feels about each other.

We're like a family outside
of your regular family.

JAMES LEWIS: You always are encouraged to come here
because of these people here.

BRUCE YEAGLE: I think that the thing I am
most proud of that I'd like people to know

is how hard
the group of us work.

HEATHER MINNICH: We put a lot of love into them
and we're very proud of what we do.

and we really do care about what goes out the door
and that it tastes good

and it's well received and that people are
happy when they eat our stuff.


JAMES LEWIS: Hmm, there are so many favorite things.

My favorite thing is the
black and orange cake.

This is very tasty.

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