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Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Engineering at Princeton

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Engineering at Princeton has expanded while integrating seamlessly within one of the world's finest liberal arts institutions. Read more.

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Princeton University lives a

school of ideas and progress.

This is where we put theory to
practice--where we're not

afraid to get our hands
a little dirty.

This is where we look beyond the
surface--where we embrace

the unordinary.

This is where we learn.

This is where we grow.

This is where we keep a fresh
perspective-- where we imagine

a better world through
innovation-- where we pursue

new frontiers--where we welcome
the challenge--where we

develop as individuals
the drive together.

And dream-- both big and small.
This is where we

buckle down, but don't
forget to look up.

This is where we develop

I'm Dean Vince Poor And this
is Princeton's School of


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