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Friday, April 28, 2017

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'Biking Princeton: The campus on two wheels'

Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students talk about the University's bike culture and why they enjoy cycling on campus and in surrounding suburban communities. This video also includes a bike's-eye view of Princeton. Read more.

Video Closed Captions


AUSTIN GENGOS: One thing that's
unique about biking at

Princeton is probably a function
of our campus, the

fact that you get to ride next
to Nassau Hall and then show

up in E-Quad or by one of
our brand-new buildings.

So that's very unique.

pretty much everywhere, to

class, from class.

And I just bike pretty much
everywhere because it's nice.

It's faster.

It's kind of more relaxing
than trudging

across campus, I guess.

I was talking to a couple
people who have

gone to other schools.

And they say how when they come
to visit, they're very

surprised by the amount
of bikes we

actually have on campus.

And you'll probably always see
someone riding their bike

somewhere, no matter what time
of night or day it is.

DAVID HOCKER: We are the
Cyclab, an entirely

volunteer-run, basically,
do-it-yourself mechanic shop.

So people can come in with any
sort of bike problem or bike

project that they
want to work on.

And we are a resource for them
to try and, basically, fix up

their bikes and learn how to
do basic bike maintenance.

So we try really hard to push
the education aspect so that

people really get empowered
to try and

maintain their own bicycles.

And we also try to--

I don't know-- build up some
of the bike culture around

Princeton University
because there's

tons of bikes on campus.

And we want people to really
connect with them and see if

we can try and create some sense
of community, both in

the university and kind of in
the borough as a whole because

this is a resource for
the public as well.

AUSTIN GENGOS: It's gorgeous
to ride anywhere on this

campus, particularly during
the season when all of the

trees are blooming and there
are flowers everywhere.

But a little bit off campus,
going along the canal, is

gorgeous, and historic,
and very scenic.

to ride out to Hopewell.

It's about an hour loop.

And you can add more
to it if you want.

And there's a really great
coffee shop out there called

the Boro Bean.

It's a nice stop.

So it's great if you just
want to do some little

rides along the canal.

It's a really nice way to get
in shape and be outside.

If you're interested in more
competitive cycling, college

is a great place to get into
it because it's a really

supportive community, really
open to beginners, and it

costs relatively little.

The club cycling team is
one of 37 club sports.

And we race in the spring, on
the road, with colleges from

Delaware to Maine in the Eastern
Collegiate Cycling


campus bike every day.

It's very convenient.

is beautiful.

So it can be really nice to get
off campus and feel sort

of like you aren't just confined
to the campus.

So it's great.

let's be honest.

We all wake up late for class
and have to get to a lecture

hall in three minutes.

So that's where the
bike comes in.

And everyone's got one.

And it's a great way
to get around.

And it's a lot of fun, too.


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