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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
 Water from PHOG index

From left, Michael Thomas, Andrea Bühler and Jeremy Blair stand amidst the clouds from the mountains of St. Vincent that are harvested and distilled into pure, premium drinking water through a startup project developed in Princeton University's eLab.


Video stills by Jeremy Blair and Michael Thomas


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Video feature: Harvesting water from fog

PH2OG Water is a startup project coming out of Princeton University's eLab that harvests water from clouds in the mountains of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and distills it into pure, premium drinking water. The idea originated in a social entrepreneurship class taught at the University in 2011.

In this video about the project and its origins, recent Princeton graduates Jeremy Blair and Michael Thomas and their partner Andrea Bühler discuss how the idea developed and how fog water is collected.

"I always knew that I wanted to give back to that place that I came from, so while we were developing our business plan, I realized that St. Vincent had some of the perfect conditions for cloud harvesting," said Thomas, a 2012 alumnus.

The company plans to work with humanitarian water organizations to provide funding for water projects around the world through a profit pledge with each bottle sold.


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PH2OG Water is a startup project originating at Princeton that involves using fog as a new, clean source of drinking water. (VIdeo by Jeremy Blair and Michael Thomas)

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