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Tuesday, Aug. 04, 2015


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Summer program introduces high school students to laboratory research

About 30 high school students are conducting research on campus this summer with Princeton's Laboratory Learning Program. The program provides motivated students with the opportunity to learn firsthand what it is like to be in a laboratory and participate in university-level research.

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International internships enable students to work and serve across the world

This summer, Princeton undergraduate students are gaining new perspectives and opportunities through internships in a variety of fields in more than 50 countries through the University's International Internship Program.

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As he prepares to leave PPPL in 2016, Smith reflects on five decades in physics and at Princeton

After nearly 50 years on the faculty and staff of Princeton University, A.J. Stewart Smith is stepping down next February from his current post as the University's first vice president for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Smith has played leading roles as an educator, particle physicist and administrator coordinating vast, vital research efforts.

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Chew on this: Examining racial identity one literary bite at a time

For their final project, Princeton students in the spring course "Food, Literature and the American Racial Diet" worked in teams to create dishes that illustrated various aspects of how food interacts with racial identity. As part of a new Campus Dining initiative led by Executive Director Smitha Haneef to support students' academic experience, each team was paired with a chef who advised them on food ingredients, preparation and presentation. The dishes were presented and tasted at the "Princeton Feast" held April 30 in the Frist Campus Center, attended by students, faculty and staff.

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Princeton Writes Staff Essay Contest inspires stories from across campus

The Princeton Writes Staff Essay Contest inspired stories from across campus. The contest was cosponsored by Princeton Writes, a program in the Office of Human Resources dedicated to strengthening the practical communication skills at the University, along with the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Council of the Humanities.

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Spinal tap: A peek into professors' bookshelves

Six Princeton professors talk about how the books on their shelves relate to their scholarship and teaching, highlight one or two favorite books, and share what's on their own summer reading (and in one case, film) lists.

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Astrophysicist Greene studies the bright side of black holes

Princeton astrophysicist Jenny Greene is accustomed to working in remote places. But she always brings back what she learns to share with others. In addition to her research and teaching at Princeton, she mentors undergraduates, gives talks at amateur astronomy clubs, and inspires New Jersey state prison inmates to love algebra.

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Video feature: Engineering students explore Spanish bridges

In its most recent offering, the Princeton University class "A Social and Multi-dimensional Exploration of Structures" focused on the design and social context of eight Spanish bridges, and the students and faculty visited the bridges to better understand the bridges' relationship to their communities.

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July 4 is milestone in America's — and Princeton's — history

Even as July 4 is recognized nationwide for the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the date has additional significance for the town of Princeton, which made history on that same date seven years later. On July 4, 1783, the town received a letter from the president of the Continental Congress confirming that Princeton would be the home of the U.S. government in the waning months of the American Revolutionary War.

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Video feature: 'A Year in Review: 2014-15'

The 2014-15 academic year at Princeton included moments of joy, protest and wonder for the University community, and this video shows some of those key points, from Opening Exercises in the fall to the University's 268th Commencement in the spring.

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