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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – May, 2005

Tilghman tells graduates to 'aim high and be bold'

FEATURED STORY: Tilghman tells graduates to 'aim high and be bold'

The seniors who graduated from Princeton May 31 and University President Shirley M. Tilghman began their freshman year together. In her Commencement address, Tilghman, who became the University's 19th president four years ago, reminded the students of their shared experiences and encouraged them to draw upon their education to "make this world a safer, more just and more compassionate place for all of its people."

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Seniors celebrate a day of honors, memories and laughs

FEATURED STORY: Seniors celebrate a day of honors, memories, laughs

Members of the class of 2005 honored the achievements of their classmates and evoked lessons from their four-year Princeton journey during the annual Class Day ceremony Monday, May 30, on Cannon Green. "We have had four great years of being challen...

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Morrison to seniors: 'There is serious, hard and ennobling work to do'

FEATURED STORY: Toni Morrison inspires seniors at Baccalaureate

The narrative of your life "is yours to write," Toni Morrison told members of the class of 2005 at Princeton University's Baccalaureate service on Sunday, May 29. "And I urge you," she continued, "don't settle for happiness because it's not good enough anymore."

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Campus marks end of academic year with Reunions and Commencement activities

FEATURED STORY: Strike up the band for Reunions and Commencement!

For the next several days, the Princeton University campus will be filled with students, families, alumni and others taking part in a series of celebratory traditions that mark the end of the academic year.  Events will begin Thursday, May 26, with Reunions and culminate on Tuesday, May 31, with the University's 258th Commencement.

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Valedictorian Phadke embodies Princeton's spirit of excellence in research and teaching

FEATURED STORY: Valedictorian embodies Princeton's spirit of excellence

When making his college decision, Varun Phadke was swayed by Princeton's strong undergraduate focus and the opportunity to work closely with faculty members who are considered leaders in their fields. In his four years at the University, Phadke has achieved a reputation as an excellent researcher and teacher in his own right. Selected as valedictorian of the class of 2005, he will deliver an address at the May 31 Commencement.

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Discovering a new passion along with a new language

FEATURED STORY: Discovering a new language and a new passion

Benjamin Good did not know German when he started at Princeton, but he now has read hundreds of pages in the language as research for his senior thesis. And that’s not the end of it — he plans to move to Berlin after he graduates to delve even further into his thesis topic.

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Seawright helps students shape experiences into artwork

FEATURED STORY: Shaping experiences into artwork

At a table covered with sculpture of various shapes, colors and materials, four undergraduate students made final modifications to their artistic creations. The class is “Introduction to Sculpture,” and with the warm spring air entering the art studio at 185 Nassau St. came the first stirrings of ideas for the next and final assignment: how to create a piece that exhibits temporality.

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Princeton students stoke young imaginations with 'Lego engineering'

FEATURED STORY: Stoking young imaginations with 'Lego engineering'

A group of Princeton University students is using Lego toys as teaching tools to take children beyond textbook math and science and stoke their imaginations with hands-on engineering.

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Tiger teams shine in spring

FEATURED STORY: Tiger teams shine in spring

Princeton's varsity teams have continued to rack up Ivy League titles this spring and will be competing for national honors in the coming weeks. ...

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Gikandi uses detective powers to track down hidden literary links

FEATURED STORY: Gikandi tracks down hidden literary links

Professor of English Simon Gikandi is a literary sleuth. His favorite academic pursuit is uncovering connections in literature between topics that appear to have nothing in common.

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Taking a ‘restorative’ approach to justice

FEATURED STORY: Taking a 'restorative' approach to justice

Working last summer in the public defender’s office in her hometown of Charleston, S.C., Spencer Compton was disturbed by the treadmill of drug-related cases she witnessed in the criminal justice system. That motivated Compton to pursue a unique senior thesis project incorporating her passion for justice with her work as a religion major.

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