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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – August, 2006

In focus: Princeton Writing Program

FEATURED STORY: Intensive seminars focus on the art of writing

Intimate, intensive seminars focused on the art of writing are the hallmark of the Princeton Writing Program, a vital resource for preparing students for the demands of course papers, junior papers and senior theses that are central to a Princeton education.

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In focus: Prospect Garden

FEATURED STORY: Prospect  Garden blooms with history

All summer long, visitors to Princeton's Prospect House are treated to a view of its lush, colorful garden.

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Undersea robots glide into new realm of marine research

FEATURED STORY: Robots glide into new realm of marine research

This month in Monterey Bay, Calif., a fleet of undersea robots is for the first time working together without the aid of humans to make detailed and efficient observations of the ocean.

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In focus: Program in Creative Writing

FEATURED STORY: Noted authors lead creative writing program

Princeton's renowned Program in Creative Writing offers undergraduate students the unique opportunity to pursue original work in fiction, poetry and translation under the guidance of some of the world's best-known writers.

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Researchers and teachers find common ground in Princeton labs

FEATURED STORY: Researchers and teachers find common ground in labs

Three area high school teachers have been working side-by-side with Princeton scientists this summer investigating solutions to the world's energy problems.For eight weeks they have been part of a program called Research Experience for Teachers.

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Aspiring journalists learn the ropes from Princeton mentors

FEATURED STORY: Aspiring journalists learn from Princeton mentors

The four rows of seats in the Blue Room, where New York City mayors hold press conferences at City Hall, were occupied. Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler surveyed the outstretched hands in the audience and pointed to Gloria Medina, one of 20 students attending the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program. The 10-day camp offers high school students from underresourced financial backgrounds an opportunity to gain intensive, hands-on experience in journalism.

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Volunteer efforts strengthen community ties

FEATURED STORY: Volunteer efforts strengthen community ties

The Student Volunteers Council, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary during the upcoming academic year, works to strengthen the relationship between the University and the community by sending students to work at soup kitchens, teach youngsters how to improve their study skills, help renovate houses and participate in dozens of other service projects.

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Important Chinese collection part of East Asian Library

FEATURED STORY: Important Chinese collection part of East Asian Library

The University's East Asian Library, located in the Frist Campus Center and Jones Hall, was built around the original Gest Oriental Library Collection. It is considered one of the Western world's greatest Chinese collections.

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Biology summer program gives undergrads a taste of the scientific life

FEATURED STORY: Biology program gives a taste of the scientific life

Choosing a career in laboratory research can be a big step for college students, especially those who have not experienced a scientist's daily life "at the bench." But the 85 undergraduates who are attending this year's Summer Undergraduate Research Program are gaining skills that will enable them to make that choice with confidence.

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