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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – May, 2008

Alumni back to connect with friends, unite for a cause

Some 20,000 alumni and their families began arriving on campus Thursday, May 29, to reconnect with old friends, sample intellectual fare and march in the P-rade as part of Princeton's Reunions activities. 

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Grounded in classics, valedictorian Squire excels in many fields

Princeton senior Zachary Squire was first drawn to the field of classics by a fascination, shared by many youngsters, with Greek and Roman mythology. That early interest eventually grew into a broader appreciation of the study of ancient civilizations. While Squire found outlets for his varied interests within Princeton's classics department, he also excelled in courses across the University -- charting a well-rounded path to becoming valedictorian of the class of 2008. Squire will deliver the valedictory address at Princeton's Commencement ceremony on June 3.  

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From science to security, Mahmoud aims to improve global health

After a quarter-century in academic medicine and eight years at the helm of Merck Vaccines, joining the faculty at Princeton was the most compelling next step for global health expert Adel Mahmoud.

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Visual arts exhibition highlights student work

A sprawling exhibition of artwork by students in the Program in Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts will be on view from May 19 through June 4 at 185 Nassau St. "Student Art: Work From the Spring 2008 Semester" highlights selected pieces from each of the courses offered this spring, including installations, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and intaglio and relief prints.

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Harvey brings lively beat of African dance to Princeton

An African drumbeat filled the Hagan Dance Studio. "Reach up! Reach up!" instructor Dyane Harvey announced. Twenty-two students arrayed in rows before the mirrors stretched their arms to the ceiling to warm up. Next the students dispersed to spots along either side of the room, and one student began singing an African chant. The others soon joined in, and their singing and clapping was accompanied by rhythmic stomps, head tosses, energetic leaps and shimmying shoulders. This is a studio course called "The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices" -- and it is two hours of exuberant, joyous movement.

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Inspiring efforts to improve race relations

Projects recognized by the Princeton Prize in Race Relations -- which honors high school students' efforts to improve race relations in their schools or communities -- were presented at the first-ever Princeton Prize Symposium on Race recently held on the University campus.

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Project goes high-tech to unearth ancient history

There is a small hill in a remote part of Turkey that looms large in the mind of John Haldon, a professor of history at Princeton. It likely is the ruin of an ancient fortress, but for Haldon the site is an inspiration to find new ways to unearth the history of a particular landscape.

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Nunokawa thrives on serendipity of college master's role

In 20 years as a professor at Princeton, Jeff Nunokawa has filled many roles, but students and colleagues agree he is ideally suited to his latest one: master of Rockefeller College. "When Jeff was asked to be master, I thought, 'Of course!'" said James Richardson, professor of creative writing in the Lewis Center for the Arts and the Department of English. "He radiates enough social energy to power a small city, but more than that, it's his responsiveness and receptiveness. He is always listening to people."

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Yielding energy solutions and career insights

On a brisk afternoon in March, senior Rochelle Murray delicately holds a test tube in each hand, looking to see how her latest experiment is turning out. This experiment is part of the chemical engineering major's senior thesis, which involves research in a hot area: the transmuting of waste material into clean-burning fuel.

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