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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – October, 2009

Perspective on: Latino studies and the immigration debate

Marta Tienda, the Maurice P. During Professor in Demographic Studies, professor of sociology and public affairs, and director of the Program in Latino Studies, discusses the University's new Program in Latino Studies and her two new research projects on immigration and migration as well as the immigration debate.

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650 attend largest gathering of black alumni in University history

At the largest gathering of black alumni in the University's history last weekend, emotions overflowed as people talked about change -- Princeton's transformation from their time as students and the transformation they can bring about through continued engagement. "It's very obvious to me that the Princeton of 2009 is very different from the Princeton of 1983, and even the Princeton of 2006," said Ken Bruce, a member of the class of 1983 and a past president of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni. "For many of us, our Princeton experience is complex," he added. "We love it. We have less love for it in other respects. It has helped us in our careers. We enjoy the people, and, in some instances, we've enjoyed the experiences. In others, we have enjoyed the experiences a little less. So the thought process was that we might need a new type of engagement to bring us back as we all move forward."

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700 expected for second black alumni conference

More than 700 black Princeton alumni plan to return to campus for the "Coming Back and Moving Forward" conference Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 22-24.

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Readings celebrate 70 years of creative writing at Princeton

Distinguished writers affiliated with Princeton's internationally renowned Program in Creative Writing will be featured in a reading series celebrating the 70th anniversary of creative writing at the University this year. Maxine Kumin and Joyce Carol Oates will lead off the readings by current and former faculty, alumni, fellows and students in the program at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21, in the Stewart Film Theater at the Lewis Center for the Arts, 185 Nassau St.

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Program strengthens links between work inside and outside the classroom

When the more than 100 students who completed internships this summer through the Princeton Environmental Institute and the Grand Challenges Program returned to campus, they had at least one more commitment.

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Center for African American Studies poised to lead at critical time

Princeton's Center for African American Studies is launching an aggressive effort to become the leading resource for the public's understanding of race in America, coming at a time when the center's scholars say they are seeing an upward trend in racial issues igniting the country in a series of "brush fires."

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Odita mural a vibrant addition to new Butler College

An explosion of color greets students at the main entrance to Butler College's new dormitories, where a mural of bright fractal shapes spans two floors and seven walls.

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Taking a wide-angle approach to architecture

Architectural historian Beatriz Colomina pushes her students to explore every possible avenue as they conduct research on modern architecture. They have gone to small villages in the French countryside to interview magazine editors, searched personal collections of publications in Vienna and Maastricht, visited archives in Montreal and Tokyo   — and even studied the photos in Playboy magazine.  

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Exhibition explores art of the Arctic's ancient hunters

"Gifts From the Ancestors: Ancient Ivories of Bering Strait," a major exhibition that brings to light the artistry and life practices of the hunters who worked across two millennia in what are now the American and Russian sides of the Bering Strait, opens Saturday, Oct. 3, at the Princeton University Art Museum.  

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