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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – January, 2012

Video feature: Halftime retreat

Sophomore year is a time of transition for many Princeton students, who face several important choices from selecting their majors to evaluating dining options to deciding whether to study abroad. This video documents the Halftime retreat, a three-day program offered during fall break and intercession to allow sophomores to travel off campus with their peers and spend time reflecting upon their Princeton experiences.

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Video feature: 'Intelligent design' is theme of Art of Science exhibit

"Intelligent design" is the theme of the fifth "Art of Science" exhibition — featuring images made by Princeton University community members during the course of scientific research — now on view in the Friend Center and in an online gallery.

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Telles broadens study of race and inequality

By spanning the social sciences and the Americas in his research, Professor Edward Telles has helped increase understanding of how race and inequality interact. Telles, a professor of sociology at Princeton University since 2008, studies immigration, race relations and social demography, focusing on race and inequality across Latin America and on Mexican Americans' assimilation in the United States.

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Video feature: 'The Sweet Life at Princeton's Bake Shop'

Anyone passing by the area of University Place and Nassau Street on a weekday morning may notice a tantalizing aroma but not realize where it's coming from. The bouquet of butter, sugar and spice emanates from the University bake shop, which has been located in the lower level of Madison Hall since 1979.

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Moses calls for equality in education at King Day celebration

After decades of fighting for equality, civil rights leader and educator Bob Moses exhorted young people attending Princeton University's annual King Day celebration on Jan. 16 to remove segregation from a critical facet of public life where it still exists: education.

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Class snapshot: 'Disease Ecology, Economics and Policy'

In the course "Disease Ecology, Economics and Policy," Princeton University students focus on global health, combining insights from epidemiology, biology and economics to see how these influence policy. The course is led by Bryan Grenfell, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and public affairs, and Ramanan Laxminarayan, a research scholar in the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI), and a lecturer in economics and PEI.

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Symposium enables early-career researchers to reach broad audience

The annual Princeton Research Symposium offers graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at the University the opportunity to present their work to a broad audience of fellow students, faculty members, alumni and community members.

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Connecting at Princeton

Opportunities to experience genuine connection with others — in academic, extracurricular and social settings — abound at Princeton.

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