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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – February, 2012

Leadership, service at forefront for Alumni Day award winners

The themes of leadership and service were foregrounded in talks by the recipients of Princeton's top alumni award winners as part of a full day of events held across campus Saturday, Feb. 25, during the University's annual Alumni Day program. The day also featured presentations of top awards for students, along with lectures, workshops and family activities.

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Princeton system tracks drought to aid disaster relief

In a development that could assist with disaster relief and water development projects in stricken regions of Africa, researchers at Princeton University have developed a way to use historical records and satellite data to accurately map drought conditions across the continent.

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Wildlife and cows can be partners, not enemies, in search for food

Princeton University researchers conducted two large-scale studies in Kenya that offer the first experimental evidence that allowing cattle to graze on the same land as wild animals can result in healthier, meatier bovines by enhancing the cows' diet. The findings put to pasture the long-held convention that wild animals compete with cows for food, and could help spare wildlife from encroaching ranches. 

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Video feature: 'Extreme Visions'

The documentary "Extreme Visions" explores the concepts, planning and construction of two signature additions to the Princeton University campus with contrasting styles: the modernist Lewis Library, designed by Frank Gehry, and the Collegiate Gothic-inspired Whitman College, designed by Demetri Porphyrios.

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Video feature: Bringing new perspectives to campus treasures

A stroll across Princeton University's campus reveals many treasures to be enjoyed by the attentive observer — ornate archways, official seals, whimsical gargoyles, flowing epigraphy, and sculpture of all sizes and materials. Together, these create a place of beauty with numerous clues to a unique history. The meticulous details upon the walls of buildings are a monument to the fond dreams of architects and campus planners. Princeton's campus treasures are a rich blend of the old, the new and the renewed, and like great thoughts, they weather time.

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Language expert Bellos explores the art and science of translation

As a dedicated wordsmith, Princeton University professor David Bellos mines examples of the interplay of languages from all kinds of sources, even Oscar-winning films.

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The paintbrush: A creative tool for learning

At Princeton, a paintbrush can be found in a student's hand in a range of settings far from the traditional art class. It can be seen being used to paint a mural as part of a community service initiative, or removing dust from an ancient relic, or recreating a form of lettering.

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Barkan unites study of Michelangelo's words and images

Several years ago, during research for a book on the Renaissance, Princeton professor Leonard Barkan examined a handful of drawings by Michelangelo. His study inspired him to write "Michelangelo: A Life on Paper," the first book to explore the interplay of words and images on more than 200 of the artist's drawings.

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