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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – December, 2012

Video feature: 'Finding the Enduring Shield of Princeton'

The Princeton University shield has a widespread presence throughout the campus. With a keen eye, one can catch a glimpse of this icon in campus architecture — from interiors to facades — and it also adorns sport venues, commercial items, publications and more. Whether small or large, sculptural, carved, or printed in ink, the University shield serves as an emblem of Princeton's rich traditions.

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Early morning at Princeton

Inspired by Princeton University's 2012-13 "Admission Viewbook," this collection of photos reflects the quiet calm across campus as faculty, staff and students prepare for the promise of each day.

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Conference explores ways to nurture diversity on campus

From improving financial aid to cultivating leaders who value different people and viewpoints, the Princeton University conference "Diversity on Campus: Practices, Policies and Culture" examined a spectrum of ways to promote diversity within higher education.

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Exploring the crossroads of genetics and policy

"Genes and Justice." That unexpected combination of words led to the "question of the day" that lit up on a screen in front of 26 Princeton undergraduates: "What changes in policy and society, if any, are needed to ensure that genetic evidence produces true justice?" The course where the question is being posed is "Modern Genetics and Public Policy," which is being taught for the first time this semester by Shirley M. Tilghman, president of Princeton University, and Keith Wailoo, the Townsend Martin Professor of history and public affairs.

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Scalia favors 'enduring,' not living, Constitution

In a lighthearted, plainspoken talk at Princeton University, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia discussed his judicial philosophy of reading the U.S. Constitution on its textual basis and original meaning. "The fairest reading of the text is what the law means," he said Monday, Dec. 10, to an audience of more than 700 at Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall.

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Video feature: 'Devising Theater With Youth'

The Princeton University Program in Theater, in partnership with Community House and the Community-Based Learning Initiative, is offering the course "Devising Theater With Youth" this semester as part of a continuing effort to expose students to the broadest possible range of performance theory and practice. This course serves as an example of the Lewis Center for the Arts' commitment to encouraging undergraduates to think critically about the role of the arts in community and civic engagement.

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Video feature: 'Three Students'

Princeton University attracts a diverse mix of students with a wide variety of interests and talent. This video features three Princeton students who are pursuing their passions in distinctive ways.

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