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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – August, 2013

In QUEST, questions are the answer to better teaching

Each summer, select K-12 science teachers from New Jersey become the students as part of the QUEST program run by Princeton University's Program in Teacher Preparation. The teachers spend a week with university-level researchers in the lab experimenting, or in the field observing and collecting evidence for self-designed research projects. And the point is to always ask questions.

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High school students pursue hands-on research through summer program

When Lawrenceville School rising senior Jackie Jones began her 10-week stay in one of Princeton's engineering labs this June, she looked forward to performing rigorous scientific research for the first time in her young academic career.

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New campus landmarks loom with new construction

The Princeton University campus is undergoing transformative changes this year with numerous construction, renovation and maintenance projects, including the beginning of the Arts and Transit Project and the completion this fall of the neuroscience and psychology complex.

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Students explore the world of diplomacy, one policy at a time

At the seven-week Junior Summer Institute, hosted by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, 35 rising college seniors from across the United States and around the world immersed themselves in the world of domestic and international policymaking.

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The daily grind: Princeton lab uncovers the planetary past hidden in rocks

The centerpiece of the newly constructed Princeton Grinder Lab is GIRI (Grinding, Imaging and Reconstruction Instrument), a fully automated rock grinder equipped with a high-resolution camera. The photos are used to create 3-D models that let scientists examine the inner features of rocks, which can include tiny fossils of ancient life forms.

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Video feature: 'Princeton in the Details: A Campus Quiz'

Walking Princeton University's paths provides a wide range of visual stimuli to soak up on campus — from the historical and modern architectural details to the park-like landscaping — though it is easy to overlook the smaller features and details that add up to the campus's beauty. This video quiz allows those familiar with the campus to assess how many of these details they have retained, while future visitors can get a preview of what awaits them.

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College students explore a summer of science in Princeton lab program

When Dickinson College rising senior Rizwan Saffie returns to his housing in Princeton’s Spelman Halls after a day's work in the lab, he knows that science doesn't have to be over yet: he has friends with whom he can discuss experiments and findings. A tight-knit community is one of many things that the 72 college students in Princeton University's Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Molecular and Quantitative and Computational Biology enjoy as they immerse themselves in scientific research over 10 weeks.

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Video feature: Student-athletes serve New Jersey communities

The 2012-13 academic year marked the fifth year of the Weapons of Mass Construction community service initiative spearheaded by the Princeton Varsity Club. Princeton student-athletes took on two projects — helping to build a community garden and restoring storm-damaged properties.

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Video feature: 'Residential Colleges 2012-13'

The six residential colleges at Princeton University provide many opportunities for students to get involved with campus life. In addition to serving as the living, dining and advising clusters for undergraduates, the colleges offer programs ranging from Broadway trips and adventure outings to film series screenings and outdoor celebrations.

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