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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – January, 2014

'Diverse Perspectives' showcases Princeton's rich cultural environment

In a new publication, "Experience Princeton: Diverse Perspectives," current students, faculty and administrators talk about the interests and perspectives they've brought to campus, and the ways in which they've learned from those who differ from them — in classrooms, residence halls, campus eateries, athletic fields and every other nook of the University.

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Trustees approve 8.5 percent increase in financial aid budget

Princeton University trustees Jan. 25 approved an 8.5 percent increase in undergraduate financial aid to $131.6 million in adopting the University’s operating budget for 2014-15. The University’s pioneering financial aid program is committed to providing access and affordability to students from all economic backgrounds without a required loan.

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Mellon Mays program cultivates diverse future scholars

Princeton University senior Edwin Carbajal has always been a diligent student, but it was through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship that he became a dedicated scholar. Carbajal is one of 11 current Princeton undergraduates participating in the national program. By encouraging underrepresented and other students to pursue a career in academia, the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship aims to increase the diversity of faculty at colleges and universities across the country.

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In King Day speech, Wasow highlights challenges facing today's civil rights movement

At Princeton University's annual King Day celebration Jan. 20, Assistant Professor of Politics Omar Wasow celebrated the achievements of the civil rights movement while underscoring the complex challenges it faces today in the continuing fight for equality for all.

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Welcome to the DarkSide: Project aims to find particles of dark matter

In a laboratory under a mountain 80 miles east of Rome this fall, a Princeton-led international team switched on a new experiment aimed at finding a mysterious substance that makes up a quarter of the universe but has never been seen. The experiment, known as DarkSide-50, is searching for particles of dark matter, and finding it will solidify our understanding of how the universe formed and shed light on its ultimate fate, researchers say.  

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Video feature: 'Princeton at Night'

Princeton University is brimming with activity throughout the day, and the campus glows and moves in different ways after the sun goes down, as shown in this slideshow.

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Unpacking the toolkit of human consciousness

Princeton University psychology professor Michael Graziano has developed a new theory of consciousness he calls the "attention schema theory" that takes a completely different approach to explaining consciousness. In Graziano's theory, awareness is not a non-physical essence. Instead, the brain is an information-processing device that constructs a description of itself as conscious, and also attributes that property of consciousness to others.

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Video feature: 'The Princeton Highsteppers'

The Princeton Highsteppers is a student-run group that meets weekly to rehearse and perform step, a dance form that incorporates stomping, clapping and vocalization with an overall rhythmic element.

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