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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Multimedia Features

Earth Day 2017: Environmental engagement and action

As Earth Day 2017 approached, we documented this moment in history on Princeton's campus among undergraduates, graduate students and faculty, with a special focus on the University community's engagement in service around environmental issues. Read more. 

¡Adelante Tigres! conference celebrates Latino alumni

Princeton alumni describe their individual experiences on campus and the collective history of Latino students at the University from the 1800s to today. Read more. 

Sharing new tastes through cultural heritage dining

Campus Dining exposes students to new cuisines and cultures, and also reflects the different tastes of students who come to Princeton University from all over the country and the world. Read more. 

We Speak: Camila Novo-Viano '18

Junior Camila Novo-Viano explains why all students should take the We Speak survey to share their attitudes on sexual misconduct at Princeton. Students can take the survey in Tiger Hub. Learn more. 

We Speak: Jessica Quinter '18

Junior Jessica Quinter tells students why it's important to take the We Speak survey of attitudes on sexual misconduct at Princeton for the first, second or third time. Students can access the survey via Tiger Hub. Learn more. 

We Speak: Graduate student Melissa Verhey

Graduate students should take the We Speak survey, which they can access via Tiger Hub, says grad student Melissa Verhey. Learn more. 

We Speak: Lydia Weintraub '18

Junior Lydia Weintraub explains why students should share their attitudes on sexual misconduct with the We Speak survey now even if they took it one or two years ago. Students can access the survey in Tiger Hub. Learn more. 

We Speak: Peyton Lawrenz '19

Sophomore Peyton Lawrenz invites all students to help Princeton complete the We Speak data set by taking this year's survey of attitudes on sexual misconduct at Princeton. Students can find the survey in Tiger Hub. Learn more. 

Princeton Profiles: Camden Olson, training service dogs to change lives

Sophomore Camden Olson's desire to have a career training service dogs has led her to major in ecology and evolutionary biology, and she will train and study service animals for her senior thesis. Read more. 

Jacobus Fellow Adam Lerner: Empathy

Philosophy student Adam Lerner's dissertation, "Empathy, Moral Epistemology, and Moral Progress," examines the role of empathy in determining what is morally right and then applies this reasoning to several moral debates. Lerner and his adviser Sarah-Jane Leslie, the Class of 1943 Professor of Philosophy, discuss his research in this video. Read more. 

Jacobus Fellow Henry Shapiro: Armenian-Ottoman history

History student Henry Shapiro is writing a dissertation titled "The Great Armenian Flight: The Celali Revolts and the Rise of Western Armenian Society," which offers new insights about the timing, reasons and impact of Armenians' migration to the western territories of the Ottoman Empire. With his adviser Molly Greene, professor of history and Hellenic studies, Shapiro describes his interest in the topic. Read more. 

Jacobus Fellow Sasha Philippov: Pulsars

In his dissertation, Alexander "Sasha" Philippov, a Ph.D. student in astrophysical sciences, uses 3-D modeling to provide greater understanding of pulsars, which are rotating magnetized neutron stars. He and his adviser Anatoly Spitkovsky, a professor of astrophysical sciences, discuss his research in this video. Read more. 

Jacobus Fellow Neereja Sundaresan: Superconductivity and photons

Neereja Sundaresan, a doctoral student in electrical engineering, explores superconductivity and photos in her dissertation research. She and her adviser Andrew Houck, a professor of electrical engineering, explain the purpose and methods of her work. Read more. 

Thanks to all 100,000 of Princeton University’s Instagram friends!

Princeton University says “thank you” to its Instagram community, which grew to include 100,000 followers between 2012 and 2017. Learn more. 

'International Eye': Learning through the camera lens

For the ninth year, the International Eye Photo Contest has provided an opportunity for students to share their experiences studying, working, doing service or conducting research abroad. Read more. 

#OurTomorrow connects students working for change

Students at Princeton University and universities across the United States share their stories as part of #OurTomorrow, a national campaign illuminating the power we all have to create change through service and civic engagement. Learn more.  

Princeton Profiles: Naoum Fares Marayati, student in the service of humanity

Sophomore Naoum Fares Marayati is taking in as much of his Princeton experience as he can. When the psychology major is not studying for his next class, you may find him guiding a tour in the Princeton University Art Museum, tutoring at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, singing with the Umqombothi a cappella group or hosting a study break at Forbes College, his favorite community on campus. Read more. 

PURE offers students outlet to explore rock music

The Princeton University Rock Ensemble (PURE) is a student ensemble dedicated to the performance of rock music. The group has approximately 30 undergraduates who perform two concerts a year in Frist Campus Center's Film/Performance Theatre, in addition to smaller showcases on campus. Read more. 

Teaching with technology: The possibilities of learning

Tucked in a corner on the first floor of Lewis Library is a state-of-the-art space where faculty can transform how they teach and students can expand the ways and skills they learn. The Digital Learning Lab (DLL) is a multimedia center that supports creative teaching and learning at Princeton. Read more. 

'The Science of Mythbusters': A freshman seminar

Professor Joshua Shaevitz's freshman seminar, "The Science of Mythbusters," focuses on the ways in which scientists approach real-world problems using the scientific method. Students learn about research funding and processes, along with how to evaluate information they encounter in their own lives. Read more.  

Community and staff share well wishes during exams

Familiar faces from everyday places around the community and campus share good luck messages and study tips for undergraduate students preparing for first-semester exams beginning Wednesday, Jan. 18. Read more. 

Princeton Campus Dining nourishes people and planet

Campus Dining highlights how they care for students through healthy "plant forward" menus that shift focus toward plants, legumes and grains. The student group Greening Dining partners with Campus Dining to foster a culture of health and sustainability throughout campus food programs. Learn more about campus sustainability. 

Nancy Weiss Malkiel's new book examines struggle for coeducation

Princeton voted to admit women in 1969, the same year that Nancy Weiss Malkiel began teaching at the University. In her new book, "'Keep the Damned Women Out': The Struggle for Coeducation," Malkiel examines the struggle, implementation and results of coeducation at Princeton and other top colleges and universities in the 1960s and 1970s. Read more. 

Tiger Athletics Give Day is Nov. 29

Tiger Athletics Give Day, a 24-hours giving competition among varsity sports teams, is Nov. 29. Ahead of the third annual challenge, senior water polo goalie and U.S. gold medalist Ashleigh Johnson explains how past giving days have helped Princeton Athletics provide funds for community service trips, international travel, technological advances, facility upgrades and more. Learn more. 

Princeton Profiles: Akil Word-Daniels, researching lasers to change the world

Akil Word-Daniels, a Princeton Ph.D. student in electrical engineering, balances his study of quantum cascade lasers with activities such as intramural softball and playtime with his dog, Zoe. Read more. 

Learning Across Borders shares student experiences

Princeton University's Learning Across Borders (LABs), a new campus initiative that allows students to share their international experiences with their Princeton peers, gives students a venue to reflect on their journeys, and to document and display them in a way that is not only meaningful to them, but potentially inspiring to future travelers. Read more. 

Wild Science: Photos from the Mpala Research Centre

For Princeton University faculty and students, the Mpala Research Centre, a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional field laboratory that sits on a 50,000-acre reserve and ranch in central Kenya, provides an expansive natural terrain ideal for large-scale field experiments in ecology, biology, geology and other fields. Students and other researchers at Mpala work in a setting where the human and natural worlds intersect, one of great natural beauty and diversity. A true international experience, Mpala embeds students in local schools and communities to learn about how people in pastoralist economies interact with and rely on the land and wildlife. Read more. 

University helps town with fire safety

Since 2009, the Princeton University Volunteer Fire Program has been serving both the University and surrounding community. About 30 University staff members volunteer during business hours to respond to emergencies with the all-volunteer municipal Princeton Fire Department, ensuring support during the day when town volunteers may be unable to answer a call. Read more.  

Princeton's F. Duncan Haldane wins Nobel Prize in Physics

Princeton University professor F. Duncan Haldane was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics for his research in condensed matter physics on Oct. 4. Later that day, he spoke about his research and teaching, taught a class and was celebrated at a news conference and reception on campus. Learn more.  

Music theater program combines collaboration and creativity

Stacy Wolf, director of Princeton's Program in Music Theater, and students reveal the many facets of the new program, including collaboration, close access to faculty and guest artists, and the process of creating new work — from musicals to opera to the avant-garde. Read more. 

Robotic projects are rite of passage in Car Lab

In the course "Building Real Systems," known as Car Lab, Princeton juniors majoring in electrical engineering put their previous coursework into practice by building robotic projects. Read more. 

Phox family shares Princeton football pride

At the Princeton football season opener, Floyd Phox, who worked in the University's Building Services for more than 25 years, performed the coin toss. He shared his pride and the moment with his grandson, Tiger starting cornerback and senior Markus Phox. Learn more. 

Princeton Profiles: Alex Lewis, using athletics to excel in academics

Princeton University junior Alex Lewis, a swimmer and computer science major, discusses his twin passions and how they relate. Read more. 

An invitation to sustainability

In this video, the Office of Sustainability introduces new students to the concept of sustainability while providing palpable examples, such as political engagement, research, and water- and energy-saving practices. Read more. 

Welcome, Tigers: Your story starts here

Students in the Class of 2020 can envision what the next four years may look like as they discover parts of campus with the Princeton Tiger. Read more. 

Princeton Racing Electric designs sustainable car

For the past two years, the student organization Princeton Racing Electric has been designing and building an all-electric, high-performance vehicle to compete in the international Formula Hybrid competition. Watch their journey to qualify for the event in New Hampshire. Read more. 

Undergrads get research experience in top labs

The Princeton Center for Complex Materials is hosting undergraduates from around the country through the Research Experience for Undergraduates program of the National Science Foundation. Students are working with faculty mentors to conduct original research. Read more. 

Summer scenes unfold on Princeton's campus

The Princeton University campus has a gentle hum of activity during the summer months. Watch as students, faculty, staff and visitors traverse the grounds and as warm breezes blow from Lake Carnegie to the Engineering Quadrangle. 

Elementary school kids read with the Tigers

For over a decade, Princeton student-athletes, representing a variety of sports, have gone to local elementary schools as part of Reading with the Tigers, a Princeton Varsity Club initiative. Now an annual event, with multiple school visits a year, Tiger student-athletes read to school children ranging in grade levels from kindergarten through fifth grade. Learn more. 

Princeton University: A Year in Review, 2015-16

During Princeton's 2015-16 academic year, students and faculty engaged in research, teaching and many other activities aimed at improving themselves, the campus and the world. Read more. 

Catching a (seismic) wave: Simons measures earthquakes in the oceans

In this video, Princeton researchers Frederik Simons, associate professor of geosciences, and Guust Nolet, the George J. Magee Professor of Geoscience and Geological Engineering, Emeritus, discuss the origins and development of MERMAID and Son-O-Mermaid, instruments that detect and record sound waves in the ocean created by distant earthquakes. Just as a CAT scan can enable physicians to "see" inside the human body, geologists can use earthquake data to survey the interior structure of the planet. With two-thirds of the Earth covered by water, MERMAID and Son-O-Mermaid are among the few instruments able to record earthquakes in the ocean. Read more. 

Princeton Profiles: Kay Gabriel, exploring classical literature and an artistic life

Kay Gabriel is a doctoral candidate in classics at Princeton whose research focuses on tragedy and reception as well as sexual violence in ancient Greek and Roman literature. Gabriel balances her academic work with writing poetry and editing an online journal of trans poetry, and finds release and inspiration in running and baking. Read more. 

Senior thesis: Sustainable building with bamboo

Russell Archer and Lu Lu, who just graduated from Princeton with degrees in civil and environmental engineering, joined forces for their senior thesis. Partnering with a group in Colombia, the students helped analyze and design a bamboo canopy that is sustainable and strong. Read more. 

2016 Reunions and Commencement Highlights

In May, Princeton celebrated Reunions and a number of graduation events, concluding with the University's 269th Commencement ceremony. Read more.


Text messages: 'HUM sequence' covers 2,500 years of civilization

In Princeton's yearlong humanities sequence — team-taught by professors from a variety of academic disciplines — students are immersed in texts that span 2,500 years of civilization. In this video, faculty and students expand on how this supercourse creates opportunities for looking at the world in new and diverse ways. Read more. 

Student venture provides English language education in India

Hello, Seekho, a phone-based English language learning service in India, was founded by two Princeton students during their sophomore year. As they complete their time at Princeton, Kasturi Shah and Vaasvi Goyal balance student life with startup life. Read more. 

Princeton Research Day 2016

Princeton Research Day, held May 5, was a celebration of the research and creative endeavors by undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The campuswide event served as an opportunity for researchers and artists to share their work with the community and included research from the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and humanities, with talks, posters, performances, art exhibitions, demonstrations, digital presentations and an awards ceremony for outstanding contributions. Read more. 

Drawing the line: Anatomy of an ‘acadoodle’

One facet of Professor Brian Herrera's creative engagement with the scholarly process can be found in the "acadoodles" he draws at lectures he attends — a combination of key phrases and doodling, which he creates with colored markers in a standard composition book. In this video, filmed during a reading at Princeton by the playwright Cherríe Moraga, Herrera explains his process. Read more. 

Theory and practice in Joe-Wong’s smart data pricing

Carlee Joe-Wong, a doctoral student in the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, studies smart data pricing, which aims to better manage traffic on wireless networks by incentivizing users to change their data usage behavior so as to reduce network congestion. She co-founded a startup called Datami based on some her work.  

Visions of personhood fuel Bennett’s work

Joshua Bennett, a doctoral student in the English department, is studying definitions of personhood in the writings of four African American authors in the 20th century. His interests span animal studies, environmental humanities and poetry. 

Celebrating 100 years of Jewish life at Princeton

Hundreds of Princeton alumni and guests are on campus April 14-16 for the conference "L'Chaim! To Life: Celebrating 100 Years of Jewish Life at Princeton." During the event, the University premiered a video highlighting the history and experiences of Jewish students at Princeton over the last century, from the first recognized Jewish student group to the thriving academic, religious and cultural programs that exist today. Read more. 

#WeSpeakPrinceton: Helen Lin '18

Sophomore Helen Lin made time for the We Speak survey of attitudes on sexual assault at Princeton.  

#WeSpeakPrinceton: Carl Adair

Graduate student Carl Adair says he'll take the We Speak survey for a second time to help the University learn what's changed and what we need to work on since last year's survey.  

'When The Game Ends: The Chuck Dibilio Story'

Former Princeton football player and current senior Chuck Dibilio, who in 2011 became the only true freshman in Ivy League history to rush for more than 1,000 yards, had a stroke that forced him to relearn how to read, write and speak. This 35-minute documentary traces his football season, stroke, recovery and quest to compete again.  

Teacher Prep helps students move to front of the class

For nearly half a century, Teacher Prep has trained undergraduates, graduate students and alumni to serve as teachers. In this video, meet two current participants and an alumna of the program. Read more. 

Colleagues pay tribute to Nobel laureate Angus Deaton

Princeton University professor Angus Deaton received the 2015 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Here, Deaton's colleagues pay tribute to his academic contributions and his character. 

Princeton Profiles: Lorenzo Laing, connecting sociology and hip-hop

Princeton University senior Lorenzo Laing likes hip-hop music for a number of reasons: It has a good beat and its lyrical content often reflects on societal issues important to Laing. The New York City native is devoting his senior thesis in sociology to studying how queer hip-hop artists of color are trying to redefine the genre. Read more. 

Supporting all faith traditions and dialogue

Supporting a community of many faiths, Princeton University's Office of Religious Life provides ways for students, faculty and staff to explore religious, moral and ethical questions. Read more. 

American Sign Language at Princeton

Through the advocacy of junior Colin Lualdi and other students, Princeton now has a course on the linguistics of American Sign Language (ASL), an ASL club and other opportunities to learn about ASL and Deaf culture. Read more.  

Princeton Profiles: Dan Steingart, exploring batteries with creativity

Princeton University assistant professor Dan Steingart, who studies batteries and sustainable energy storage, teaches students how to diagnose and solve complex problems. Read more. 

With camera and determination, Riehl studies communal nesting in birds

Christina Riehl, a Princeton University assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, was, as a Princeton graduate student, the first to study and document the extraordinary breeding and nesting behavior of the greater ani bird species. This fall, Riehl returned to Princeton to explore the reproductive costs and benefits of group nesting, and, in the process, inspire her students to investigate animal behavior at a deeper level. Read more. 

Students prepare for Princeton Dance Festival

All semester, professional choreographers and more than 60 Princeton students have been preparing for the annual Princeton Dance Festival, which takes place Dec. 4-6 at the Berlind Theatre at McCarter Theatre Center. Read more. 

Princeton Profiles: Coleen Murphy, researcher and role model

Professor Coleen Murphy, who studies the molecular mechanisms that underlie aging, guides and inspires the students and researchers who work in her lab. Read more. 

Fall color transforms the Princeton campus

Every fall, the Princeton University landscape transforms as summer greenery gives way to fiery red and orange foliage. From Nassau Street to Lake Carnegie, the autumn colors provide stunning new backdrops to familiar — and beloved — spots on campus. Read more. 

Fung Forum: The student perspective

In this Google Hangout, Princeton students talk about their first day at the 2015 Princeton-Fung Global Forum, held Nov. 2-3 in Dublin, Ireland. The forum's topic is "Modern Plagues: Lessons Learned from the Ebola Crisis." Learn more.  

Celebrating Princeton's Asian and Asian American alumni

The "We Flourish" conference celebrates the stories of Asian and Asian American alumni at Princeton University. The conference features panel discussions, talks by alumni, faculty and students, and performing arts, cultural and networking events. The event also includes the premiere of a video highlighting the history and experiences of Asian and Asian American alumni. Read more. 

Princeton's Angus Deaton wins Nobel Prize in economics

Princeton University professor Angus Deaton has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in economics for his contributions to understanding consumption at the individual level and in aggregate. Read more. 

Princeton-Fung Global Forum to focus on lessons from Ebola crisis

The third annual Princeton-Fung Global Forum next month will bring together researchers, scholars, policymakers and health officials to examine West Africa's Ebola outbreak as a case study of a modern plague. The conference, titled "Modern Plagues: Lessons Learned from the Ebola Crisis," will be held Nov. 2-3 in Dublin, Ireland. In this video, Princeton administrators and faculty members affiliated with the conference preview the wide-ranging issues that will be discussed. Read more. 

Time-lapse of the installation of "(Any) Body Oddly Propped"

Over the final weeks of summer, the sculpture "(Any) Body Oddly Propped," by Doug and Mike Starn, was installed in front of the Princeton University Art Museum. This time-lapse video shows the site as the steel beams, glass panels and bronze forms come together. Read more. 

Princeton community welcomes new members to campus

Members of the Princeton University community welcomed new faculty and students this September as they arrived on campus, attended orientation activities, and participated in their first ceremonies and traditions. Read more. 

'A Study in Type'

In Princeton's typography studio, students are using their hands and raw materials such as ink, metal and wood to learn an old-fashioned art that is trending again: letterpress printing. Read more. 

Arts fellow Veldkamp paints with fresh perspective

Miko Veldkamp, a visual artist from the Netherlands, discusses his year at Princeton's Lewis Center for the Arts as a Hodder Fellow, during which he studied proximity and scale and experimented with different painting surfaces and materials. The Lewis Center is accepting applications for the 2016-17 Hodder and 2016-18 Princeton Arts Fellowships through Sept. 14. Learn more. 

University greenhouses power the flowers in Princeton's gardens

This video shows the Princeton University greenhouses this spring as annual flowers bloomed before being planted on campus for the summer and fall. About 6,000 annuals were grown this year. Read more. 

PIIRS Global Seminars immerse students in learning experience

In this video, learn about PIIRS Global Seminars and the opportunities they offer for Princeton students. Read more. 

The fellowships experience: A student perspective

The Office of International Programs advises undergraduate students and alumni of Princeton University about fellowships, scholarships, and grants. Princeton students and recent graduates describe their experiences with the fellowships application process. Learn more. 

Engineering students explore Spanish bridges

In its most recent offering, the Princeton University class "A Social and Multi-dimensional Exploration of Structures" focused on the design and social context of eight Spanish bridges, and the students and faculty visited the bridges to better understand the bridges' relationship to their communities. Read more. 

'A Year in Review: 2014-15'

The 2014-15 academic year at Princeton included moments of joy, protest and wonder for the University community, and this video shows some of those key points, from Opening Exercises in the fall to the University's 268th Commencement in the spring. Read more. 

'Hero': The making of a senior thesis

Eamon Foley, a member of the Class of 2015, was an anthropology major who also earned a certificate in theater. For his theater thesis, he blended his academic studies in ethnography — the process of studying a culture through observation and interviews — with his professional experience as a performer to create an original theater-dance piece titled "Hero." The show tells the story of a young man transformed by his experiences in the Vietnam War through indie rock music, dance and aerial choreography. Read more. 

diSiac dance 'family' performs at Richardson

diSiac Dance Company, a Princeton University student group established in 1998, welcomes dancers with a variety of backgrounds — from various dance styles to different levels of experience, and from all corners of campus. This spring, as the group prepared for its show "Novum," students worked with the staff of Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall as part of the venue's new Student Artist in Residence program. Read more. 

Hepler-Smith examines origins of chemical names

Evan Hepler-Smith, a doctoral student in Princeton's Program in History of Science, is examining the history and impact of the International Commission on Chemical Nomenclature, which established the framework for naming chemical compounds. Read more. 

'2015 Reunions and Commencement Highlights'

In May and June, Princeton celebrated Reunions and a number of graduation events, concluding with the University's 268th Commencement ceremony. Read more. 

Graduates thank those who helped, inspired them

More than 2,000 Princeton University students will graduate at Commencement on Tuesday, June 2. In this video, the graduates thank family, friends, academic advisers and staff members who aided them in getting to Princeton and helped them succeed once they arrived. Read more. 

Princeton Profiles: Warren Rieutort-Louis, engineer and musician

Princeton graduate student Warren Rieutort-Louis' twin passions are engineering and music, and over the last few years he has been able to delve fully into both of his interests. Read more. 

Students can help plan the future of Princeton’s campus

The Princeton campus planning team has launched a new interactive mapping tool for students, faculty and staff. Using the Campus Compass, we invite you to travel around Princeton's campus and tell us how you use it and what ideas you have for improving it. Our team wants to understand where people spend their time, what the main patterns of movement around campus are, and how places on campus are experienced and perceived. By participating, you'll inform the planning and future evolution of the campus. Learn more.  

What is a resident graduate student?

What is a resident graduate student, or RGS? At Princeton, resident graduate students are part of core advising groups within the six undergraduate residential colleges, helping to create the vibrant intellectual and social life within each college's network of students, faculty fellows and staff. Read more. 

'Women in the World of Sondheim'

The Lewis Center for the Arts' Program in Theater at Princeton University will present "Women in the World of Sondheim: A Cabaret Performance," a one-woman musical revue conceived by and featuring theater senior Katie Welsh. The performances, which are free, will take place at 8 p.m. Friday, May 8, and Saturday, May 9, and at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 10, in Wilson College's Black Box Theater on campus. A talkback led by Princeton professor and musical theater scholar Stacy Wolf will follow the performance on May 8. Learn more. 

Laser work informs Shepard's study of polymer materials

Kimberly Shepard, a doctoral student in Princeton's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, is studying the behavior of polymer glasses, materials that do not have a crystal structure. Read more. 

Students learn to write through 'Superhero Trials'

The writing seminar "Superhero Trials" gives freshmen an opportunity to study a fun, familiar topic through a literary and cultural lens while learning how to write college-level papers. Read more.  

Princeton Profiles: Wendy Li, exploring memory through art

Senior Wendy Li is pursuing a certificate in visual arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts, and her senior thesis show, "Self-Preservation," explored the role of photographs in discovering one's identity and creating memories. Read more.  

#WeSpeakPrinceton: Jameil Brown '16

Members of the Princeton community explain why it's important for every undergraduate and graduate student to take the "We Speak: Attitudes on Sexual Misconduct at Princeton" survey. Those who have not participated yet are encouraged to look for a link to the survey in the reminder email from Sunday, March 29, and complete it before the deadline on Tuesday, April 7. 

#WeSpeakPrinceton: Blake Dietrick '15

Members of the Princeton community explain why it's important for every undergraduate and graduate student to take the "We Speak: Attitudes on Sexual Misconduct at Princeton" survey. Those who have not participated yet are encouraged to look for a link to the survey in the reminder email from Sunday, March 29, and complete it before the deadline on Tuesday, April 7. 

Active Allyship Symposium

How do you practice allyship or act in solidarity? Active Allyship is an educational series focused on how to develop tools to be a better ally around ability, race, gender and gender identity, spirituality, sexuality, as well as being an ally to yourself. This spring, we are introducing the Active Allyship Social Justice Symposium, a half-day forum of workshops beginning with a keynote by Darnell Moore, an educator, writer, and managing editor and partner of The Feminist Wire website, from noon-4 p.m. Friday, March 27, in the Fields Center. The welcome address is open to students, staff and faculty; some of the workshop sessions will be for students only. Learn more.  

'Between Classes With Baker & Goods'

Between classes, Princeton students pursue many interests. Brought together by student theater and influenced by the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel, Baker & Goods is a folk duo consisting of Princeton sophomores Charles Baker and Lachlan Kermode, and they perform their song "Oh" in this video. Read more. 

Princeton Profiles: Alex Wheatley, scholar and athlete

Alex Wheatley is a starting forward on the No. 13-ranked Princeton women's basketball team, which went 30-0 this regular season. Her interests beyond athletics include majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology and pursuing a certificate in global health and health policy. Read more. 

'Engineering the Perfect 3'

Alexander (Lex) Smits, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, came to Jadwin Gymnasium recently to talk with Princeton women's basketball coach Courtney Banghart and players Alex Rodgers and Blake Dietrick about the physics behind shooting three-pointers. Apparently, being around the undefeated Princeton women rubs off, as Smits himself became the student and, well, watch the end to find out. 

Cotsen Children’s Library promotes love of literacy

The Cotsen Children’s Library, which serves children and scholars, contains children's books, manuscripts, original artwork, toys and prints spanning the 15th century to the present day. Read more. 

'International Eye'

Princeton students are showcasing their many opportunities to experience life abroad through an exhibition of photographs taken while participating in international study, internships, service and research. Read more. 

Stories of service: Eisgruber on making a difference

In the Pace Center for Civic Engagement's first Stories of Service video feature of the spring semester, President Christopher L. Eisgruber shares his story of service using his own undergraduate volunteer experience to illuminate why service is an important part of what makes the Princeton student experience so special. Learn more.  

'Princeton Profiles: Colby Hyland, dancer and scientist'

Princeton University junior Colby Hyland fell in love with dance when he was 8 years old. Now, 12 years later, the Massachusetts native is majoring in molecular biology and pursuing a certificate in dance. Read more. 

Pruning memories

Nicholas Turk-Browne, an associate professor of psychology, uses the example of a trip to a coffee shop to explain new research about the way the brain responds to inaccurate memories. Read more. 

'The Seasons at Princeton'

"The Seasons at Princeton" is a collection of photos showing the Princeton University campus at various points throughout the year. Each photo represents a particular season and moment at the University. Read more. 

Sō Percussion joins Princeton music community

The musicians of Sō Percussion, the Edward T. Cone Performers-in-Residence at Princeton, encourage students to take risks and compose their own music, resulting in a variety of sounds, including full compositions on empty glass bottles. Read more. 

Research makes a difference

These three Princeton University researchers are striving to improve people's lives through innovations in science and engineering. Their research topics include blood sugar monitoring, computer interaction and genes related to cancer. Read more. 

'Princeton Station Opening Celebration'

Students and officials discuss the new Princeton Station and the NJ TRANSIT Dinky train, which provides service to Princeton Junction and beyond. Read more. 

'Red Noses'

Written by Peter Barnes and directed by Lecturer in Theater Tracy Bersley, "Red Noses" is an edgy farce set in the time of the Black Plague. The play follows Father Flote and his ragtag group of performers as they strive to spread joy throughout the French countryside amidst the darkest of times. Performances will take place at 8 p.m. Nov. 14-15 and 20-22 in the Berlind Theatre. Learn more.  

Residential college exchange connects cultures

Students from the University of Cambridge and the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited Princeton this fall as part of a residential college exchange program. During the spring, Princeton undergraduates were hosted by students at those two universities. Read more. 

'The Department of East Asian Studies'

Princeton's Department of East Asian Studies immerses students in the languages, cultures and history of China, Japan and Korea. Students who major or complete a certificate in East Asian studies develop a skill set that prepares them for a variety of careers. Read more.  

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama visits Princeton

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama visited Princeton University on Tuesday, Oct. 28. Among the day's activities were a public talk on compassion, a conversation with students about service, and destruction of sand mandalas symbolizing the impermanence of life. Read more.  

Students learn about Buddhism through sand mandalas

In conjunction with the Dalai Lama's visit to Princeton this fall, students in Princeton's Forbes College have been learning about Tibetan Buddhism through sand mandalas. Read more.  

Students explore language, culture in Dar es Salaam

Princeton in Dar es Salaam is a summer study-abroad program that offers Princeton students an intensive experience combining in-class Swahili language study with immersion in the daily life and culture of the Swahili-speakers in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The program, based in the Institute of Kiswahili Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam, is designed in the spirit of Princeton University’s commitment to providing high quality opportunities that allow its undergraduates to encounter firsthand the peoples, culture and contemporary concerns of other regions of the world. Read more.  

Slam poet Oxley performs nostalgic 'Soul Music'

Princeton University junior Aisha Oxley takes us on a trip down memory lane to a moment that she fondly remembers in her rendition of her poem "Soul Music." The poem expresses the nostalgia of a moment found at a barbecue with family and friends. Read more.  

'A New Way to Hire Tigers'

The Office of Career Services' inaugural HireTigers Meetup, which was held on Sept. 19, allowed students and employers to foster new and different connections in a more informal environment than past. Read more.  

Spacecraft seeks traces of the early universe

SPIDER, a stratospheric spacecraft constructed primarily in Princeton's Jadwin Hall, will head to Antarctica this December with researchers from Princeton and other institutions to begin a 20-day orbit roughly 110,000 feet above Earth. During that period, SPIDER's six large cameras will look for the pattern of gravitational waves produced by the fluctuation of energy and density that resulted from the Big Bang. These waves are a "statistically unique fingerprint" that can be traced back to the beginning of the universe, says Princeton assistant professor of physics William Jones, who leads the multi-institutional project. Read more.  

STEM camp promotes love of science, technology

Thirty middle school students went back to school this fall enthused about science and technology after spending the summer at Princeton University's Community House STEM Summer Camp. The program inspires students from public and charter schools in Princeton to enjoy science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through interactive lessons and field trips. Read more.  

Fall 2014 Student Activities and Civic Engagement Fairs

Student groups focusing on community service and fun were on display at the Fall 2014 Student Activities and Civic Engagement Fairs on Friday, Sept. 12, inside and outside Dillon Gym. The event was sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and the Pace Center for Civic Engagement.  

'Weapons of Mass Construction 2014'

For the sixth annual Weapons of Mass Construction event, the Princeton Varsity Club teamed up with HomeFront and Mathematica to host a picnic at Rosedale Park in Pennington, New Jersey. The goal was simple: have fun and connect with the community while providing an escape from the harsh realities that homelessness and poverty present to thousands of Trenton-area families. Read more. 

Princeton University Pre-rade 2014

Members of Princeton's Class of 2018 wrapped up Opening Exercises in the University Chapel and then marched through FitzRandolph Gate on the front campus Sunday, Sept. 7, to start officially their freshman year. Seniors, juniors and sophomores along with alumni and friends and family lined the walkways before Nassau Hall as the Pre-rade passed by.  

Welcome to the new academic year, students!

From Professor of English and Wilson College master Eduardo Cadava and senior Sarah Yerima, to Campus Dining chefs and deans from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, this video features some of the friendly faces that students will encounter during their upcoming year at Princeton. Read more. 

Music unites University and middle school students

This spring, Princeton University students found common ground with Princeton-area middle school students over a shared love of music. The two groups, from Princeton University Sinfonia and Community House After School Academy, met once a week to play their instruments and learn from one another. Read more. 

The Faculty Room at Nassau Hall

From its origins as the "Prayer Hall" to its modern incarnation as an institutional gathering place, the Faculty Room at Nassau Hall has a storied history. It has served as a library and museum and is the site of some of Princeton's most significant historical events. 

'Princeton's Trees' offers look into campus history

The landscaping on Princeton University's campus offers clues about the history of the University and beyond, showing the evolution of a campus from the United States' earliest days to the present. Read more. 

'Gardens in China and Japan'

A highlight of the spring 2014 course "Gardens in China and Japan" was a weeklong trip to Kyoto, Japan, to visit gardens and temples. This video captures the group's experiences in Japan through photographs taken by several of the students and interviews with the professors and students. Read more. 

A towering sound peals forth from Princeton's carillon

Installed in 1927, the carillon has long been part of Princeton's soundscape, played every Sunday from 1 to 1:45 p.m. and often on Wednesday afternoons as well, except during Ph.D. exam periods. During the summer, its music comes from a series of guest musicians, sitting in as part of Princeton Summer Carillon Series, now in its 22nd year. Read more. 

Martial arts takes a 'Journey Beyond the West'

Princeton's Lewis Center for the Arts offered an Atelier and dance course this past spring in which students learned the martial art of wushu to perform an act from composer Fred Ho's "Journey Beyond the West: The New Adventures of Monkey," a martial arts musical fantasy. Read more. 

'The Psychology of Humor'

Adam Mastroianni is serious about humor. He graduated in June with a degree from Princeton's psychology department, where he wrote his senior thesis on the psychology of humor. In this video, he discusses his journey of studying humor while at Princeton. Read more. 

'Art of Science 2014'

The "Art of Science 2014" exhibit in the Friend Center on the Princeton University campus consists of 44 images and 12 videos of artistic merit created during the course of scientific research. The works, part of a recurring show now in its seventh iteration, were chosen from more than 250 images and 50 videos submitted from over 25 departments across the University. This video offers a cross-section of the artwork on display. Read more. 

'Creativity, Innovation and Design'

The Keller Center class "Creativity, Innovation and Design" focuses on fostering creativity and encouraging a different way of thinking about real-world problems. In this video, students and faculty talk about their experiences participating in this unique class. Read more. 

'Umqombothi' a cappella group creates community

Umqombothi is a student African a cappella group that performs both on and off the Princeton University campus. With intricate harmonies, the members sing songs from a variety of African cultures, both traditional and contemporary. Read more. 

'A Year in Review: 2013-14'

The academic year at Princeton kicks off with orientation and the excitement of making new friends, and it comes to a close in celebration as graduating students leave as alumni. This video captures highlights of the 2013-14 academic year, spanning Opening Exercises in the fall and the University's 267th Commencement in the spring. Read more. 

Performing opera at Princeton

For students who want to study and perform opera, coming to Princeton University allows them to pursue their musical interests while broadening their intellect with a liberal arts education. A wide variety of opera styles are studied and performed by Princeton students, and early opera (especially from the Baroque period) is a particular strength that has emerged from the Department of Music. Read more. 

Slideshow: 'Looking Back'

Princeton University students, alumni and their families recently celebrated Reunions and graduation activities, filling campus with spirited displays of emotion. This video slideshow captures some of those moments. Read more. 

'2014 Reunions and Commencement Highlights'

In May and June, Princeton University celebrated Reunions and a number of graduation events, concluding with the University's 267th Commencement ceremony. Read more.  

'Our most memorable moments'

As Princeton University's seniors prepared to walk out of FitzRandolph Gate at Commencement on June 3, they took some time to reflect on their favorite memories from the past four years. Read more. 

Freshman Scholars Institute

The Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI) is an academically rigorous, summer program for incoming Princeton students. FSI provides invited students with an early opportunity to experience Princeton's curriculum, work closely with members of our faculty from a range of academic disciplines and fields, and engage in a vibrant community of highly motivated peers. In this video, FSI alumni who are current Princeton students explain why they loved their FSI experience. 

'Experience Princeton'

Students at Princeton University work and play in an environment unlike any other, from Collegiate Gothic to modern. This video takes you on a three-season tour of the campus, beginning with a morning workout at dawn and ending with an idyllic shot of the boathouse at dusk. View the full-length version.  

'Shakespeare at Princeton'

At Princeton University, the enduring works of Shakespeare have made an indelible impact on generations of students. In honor of the Bard's 450th birthday, this video captures some of the ways in which Shakespeare's timeless embrace of the human condition continues to inspire students. Read more. 

Creating 'Chrysalid' senior thesis

In a studio at Princeton University, senior Maura O'Brien is once again navigating the woods of northern Minnesota — this time through art. This video captures some of that journey as O'Brien creates her senior thesis project. Read more. 

'The Senior Thesis'

The senior thesis is a defining moment in the lives of many Princeton seniors. In this video, Dean of the College Valerie Smith talks about the importance of independent work and graduating seniors reflect on their thesis journeys. Read more. 

'Dixon Li, Marshall Scholarship Recipient'

Princeton University senior Dixon Li was recently named a Marshall Scholar, which will allow him to study in England for two years. Li, an English major pursuing certificates in American studies and African American studies, discusses the role that race and social difference will play as he studies abroad. View the full-length version. 

Harvesting water from fog

PH2OG Water is a startup project coming out of Princeton University's eLab that harvests water from clouds in the mountains of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and distills it into pure, premium drinking water. The company plans to work with humanitarian water organizations to provide funding for water projects around the world through a profit pledge with each bottle sold. Read more. 

Stories behind International Eye

Go behind the camera with Princeton University students through this video that highlights some of the winners of the sixth annual International Eye Photo Contest and the stories of their intriguing images. Read more. 

'Calder on Campus'

Two sculptures by Alexander Calder are on display in front of the Princeton University Art Museum through June 15. Read more. 

'Catching Snowflakes'

Robert Vanderbei, a Princeton University professor of operations research and financial engineering, is a mathematician with a specialized hobby. Vanderbei tinkers with camera lenses and uses image-enhancing software to produce exquisite pictures of snowflakes. In this video, he demonstrates his technique and explains how the artistic endeavor inspires his research. Read more. 

'Princeton-Fung Global Forum in Paris'

University leaders and policymakers from around the world will meet at the Princeton-Fung Global Forum next month to discuss "The Future of Higher Education." The conference will be held from April 9-11 in Paris. In this video, Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber and colleagues Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and Gideon Rosen, chair of the Council of the Humanities, preview some of the issues that will be discussed. Read more. 

'Spanish & Portuguese Languages/Cultures'

Princeton University gives undergraduates many chances to learn about different countries and communities through the interdisciplinary approach of a liberal arts education. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures not only teaches another language (or two) but also expands students' view of the world. Read more. 

'Science & Stone'

Cherished monuments, from the Parthenon to Versailles, are under threat from harsh environmental elements such as pollution and acid rain. Professor George Scherer's Materials Research Group at Princeton is developing a technique that will protect limestone and marble monuments and statuary by coating them with the mineral hydroxyapatite, the same mineral that protects your teeth.  

'Insights With Angela Creager'

A new book by Princeton University historian Angela Creager explains how knowledge and technology that grew out of the Manhattan Project paved the way for important breakthroughs in medicine and biology. In this video, Creager describes the great hopes for atomic research in the 1940s and '50s and how those hopes were later tempered by concerns about radiation exposure. Read more. 

'Capturing the Cosmos'

Princeton junior Cody O'Neil traveled to Chile to practice astrophotography with the support of the Martin A. Dale '53 Summer Award, a $4,000 stipend given to a handful of students to pursue an independent project not connected to academic coursework. Read more. 

'Portraits of a President'

Karl Kusserow, the John Wilmerding Curator of American Art at the Princeton University Art Museum, explains the unique history of a pair of portraits of U.S. President George Washington painted by Charles Willson Peale and held in the museum's collection. Read more. 

'Princeton at Night'

Princeton University is brimming with activity throughout the day, and the campus glows and moves in different ways after the sun goes down, as shown in this slideshow. Read more. 

'The Princeton Highsteppers'

The Princeton Highsteppers is a student-run group that meets weekly to rehearse and perform step, a dance form that incorporates stomping, clapping and vocalization with an overall rhythmic element.  Read more. 

'The Pleasure of Learning'

Whether it is the joy of engaging with a professor, being deeply immersed in a book or having a casual study session with friends, the pleasure of learning is experienced in a variety of ways around Princeton's campus. Read more. 

'WPRB, Princeton Radio'

In addition to their classes and various extracurricular activities, some Princeton University students are dedicating time to operate a 14,000-watt radio station that can be heard from Princeton to parts of New York City, Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del. This video gives an inside look at WPRB and a few of its dedicated staff members. Read more. 

'Star Power'

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory's new informational video, "Star Power," uses dramatic and beautiful images and thought-provoking interviews to explain magnetic fusion and to highlight the importance of the laboratory's research. Read more. 

'Prison Teaching Initiative at Princeton University'

Participants in Princeton's Prison Teaching Initiative talk about why they got involved. Read more. 

'Good Morning, Princeton'

On Princeton University's campus each fall, the leaves take on bold new personalities. Orange and red replace green, and the birds create their own space in the canvas of the sky. The gold found in the richness of the sunrise over Lake Carnegie each morning is breathtaking. Read more. 

'Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations'

In the freshman seminar, "Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations," students study how to use global positioning systems (GPS), archaeological and geological data, geophysical technology, and computer programs to seek and examine the buried remnants of lost civilizations. The course included a trip to Cyprus, where students collected data for final presentations about how ancient civilizations altered the landscape and changed the environment — and vice versa. Read more. 

Princeton University Bonfire 2013

For the second straight year, Princeton celebrated football victories over Harvard and Yale with a bonfire, a tradition that goes back to the late 1800s. President Christopher L. Eisgruber, football coach Bob Surace, players and others addressed the crowd huddled around Cannon Green on Sunday evening, Nov. 24. Under the supervision of town of Princeton firefighters, a pyre of pallets was lit and blazed brightly as students cheered. Read more. 

'Princeton University School of Architecture'

Princeton University's School of Architecture offers an undergraduate major and advanced degrees at both the master's and doctoral levels. This video provides a look at the school through three students who have either completed a program or who are working toward a degree. Read more. 

'Insights With Douglas Massey'

Princeton sociologist Douglas Massey examined the impact of building an affordable-housing development in Mount Laurel, N.J., an upscale suburb of Philadelphia. The findings? The development had no negative impact on the surrounding area and brought significant life improvements to residents of the development. Read more. 

'Happy Halloween From Princeton University'

Happy Halloween from Princeton University, home of the orange and black.  Read Story

'Teaching With Objects in the Museum'

Princeton University faculty members use objects in the Princeton University Art Museum as teaching tools to give students a deeper understanding of ancient cultures and people. In this video, students study ancient Maya artifacts in the museum and then reproduce Mesoamerican pottery techniques in the Wilson College Ceramics Studio on campus. Read more. 

'Many Minds, Many Stripes'

Princeton University is holding a campus conference this week for graduate alumni this week, with more than 1,000 guests expected to attend and reconnect with fellow alumni and the University. On the second day of the "Many Minds, Many Stripes" conference, which runs Thursday to Saturday, Oct. 17-19, organizers premiered a video showcasing the Graduate School's history and the evolution of graduate education, student life and alumni relations, as well as the impact that Princeton has had on alumni's lives. Read more. 

'Vision and Insight in Classic Japan'

In summer 2013, Princeton University students participated in the Global Seminar, "Vision and Insight in Classic Japan." Taught by Thomas Hare, the William Sauter LaPorte '28 Professor in Regional Studies and professor of comparative literature, the six-week Princeton course was held at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and explored traditional Japanese culture with an emphasis on vision and its relation to aesthetic, religious and ethical insight. The Global Seminars are sponsored by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) in conjunction with the Office of International Programs. Read more. 

'David Dobkin: Amateur Artist'

This video features a unique exhibition of sculptures, photo collages, and site-specific installations by Princeton University Dean of the Faculty David Dobkin, a self-identified amateur artist who collects and creatively repurposes a vast array of things from daily life. The exhibition, presented by the Lewis Center for the Arts and titled "Myself, I Think We Should Keep Collecting Titles," is on display through Oct. 4, 2013, at the Lucas Gallery at 185 Nassau St. Read more. 

The Installation of President Christopher L. Eisgruber

A video of highlights from Christopher L. Eisgruber's installation as the 20th president of Princeton University. Read more. 

'Clash of the Colleges'

Clash of the Colleges is an annual event in which incoming freshmen compete with their assigned residential college against the five other residential colleges. This year's spirited competition included relay races, karaoke, dancing and best college spirit. At the end of the evening, Forbes College was declared the winner. Read more. 

'Welcome to Princeton, Class of 2017'

The start of college is an exciting time full of new experiences and opportunities for freshmen. Before classes began Sept. 11, the members of the Class of 2017 were welcomed to the Princeton community in a number of ways. This video shows some of the events and activities offered to freshmen. Read more. 

In QUEST, Questions Are the Answer to Better Teaching

Each summer, select K-12 science teachers from New Jersey become the students as part of the QUEST (Questioning Underlies Effective Science Teaching) program run by Princeton University's Program in Teacher Preparation. The teachers spend a week with university-level researchers in the lab experimenting, or in the field observing and collecting evidence for self-designed research projects. And the point is to always ask questions. This summer QUEST included a program based at the state-owned Lighthouse Center for Natural Resource Education in Waretown, N.J., where teachers carried out research related to diamondback-terrapin conservation with a particular focus on the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Read more. 

'Princeton in the Details: A Campus Quiz'

Walking Princeton University's paths provides a wide range of visual stimuli to soak up on campus — from the historical and modern architectural details to the park-like landscaping — though it is easy to overlook the smaller features and details that add up to the campus's beauty. This video quiz allows those familiar with the campus to assess how many of these details they have retained, while future visitors can get a preview of what awaits them. Read more. 

'Weapons of Mass Construction'

The 2012-13 academic year marked the fifth year of the Weapons of Mass Construction community service initiative spearheaded by the Princeton Varsity Club. Princeton student-athletes took on two projects — helping to build a community garden and restoring storm-damaged properties. Read more. 

'Residential Colleges 2012-13'

The six residential colleges at Princeton University provide many opportunities for students to get involved with campus life. In addition to serving as the living, dining and advising clusters for undergraduates, the colleges offer programs ranging from Broadway trips and adventure outings to film series screenings and outdoor celebrations. Read more. 

'Art of Science 2013'

The Art of Science 2013 exhibit in the Friend Center on the Princeton University campus consists of 43 images of artistic merit created during the course of scientific research. The works, part of a recurring show now in its sixth iteration, were chosen from 170 images submitted from 24 departments across the University. This video offers a cross-section of the artwork on display. Read more. 

'Insights With Robert Wuthnow'

Sociologist Robert Wuthnow and his team of researchers interviewed more than 700 people in small towns around the country for a project that offers new insights into where small towns fit in 21st-century America. While their populations are small, these communities continue to play a big role in American life, he says. Read more. 

'Friendship at Princeton'

From the moment Princeton University students arrive on campus to when they graduate, there are numerous opportunities to make new friends and hang out. Read more. 

German thin-shell structures

Sigrid Adriaenssens and Branko Glišić, assistant professors of civil and environmental engineering at Princeton University, co-taught a course on German thin-shell structures in the fall of 2012 that has resulted in the exhibition "Evolution of German Shells: Efficiency in Form." Read more. 

'Biking Princeton: The campus on two wheels'

Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students talk about the University's bike culture and why they enjoy cycling on campus and in surrounding suburban communities. This video also includes a bike's-eye view of Princeton. Read more. 

'Institute for Chocolate Studies'

The Institute for Chocolate Studies (ICS) student club, established in October 2012, is the University's first student-run chocolate manufacturer. The 16-member group makes its own chocolate from "bean to bar" in the University Bake Shop, which means ushering raw beans imported from far-flung locales such as Venezuela or Peru through a process of roasting, shelling, mixing, melting and cooling. The club hosted a booth in May at Reunions 2013 and has permission to sell their treats at the C-Store in Frist Campus Center. Read more. 

'A Year in Review: 2012-13'

The academic year at Princeton starts in the warmth of September as new and returning students come to campus full of aspirations. Over the next several months, the campus is a hive of activity, as students study, pursue extracurricular interests and build friendships. In June, under the shady trees in front of Nassau Hall, the year comes to a close as new graduates leave campus and head out into the world. Read more. 

'The 19th President'

Shirley M. Tilghman and members of the University community look back on her accomplishments over her 12 years as the 19th president of the University. Read more. 

'Council on Science and Technology'

At the intersection of Princeton's roles as a research institution and a liberal arts college, the Council on Science and Technology promotes the development of courses in science and engineering for students concentrating in humanities and the social sciences, so that they are scientifically literate citizens able to assess the technological and scientific issues of the day. Read more. 

'Looking Back: Reunions and Commencement'

With hugs and laughs, humor and nostalgia, parades and processions and traditions, Princeton University students, alumni and their families recently celebrated Reunions and graduation activities. Read more. 

Reunions and Commencement 2013 Highlights

Thousands of alumni returned to campus for Reunions from May 30 through June 1, and that annual celebration was followed by Baccalaureate and Class Day and capped off June 4 with the University's 266th annual Commencement. This video condenses highlights from those six days -- plus a few earlier, related events -- into just over three minutes. Read more. 

'How to Write a Song'

"How to Write a Song" was a Princeton Atelier course at the Lewis Center for the Arts taught by Paul Muldoon and John Wesley Harding where students explored the art of songwriting and performed in public. Read more. 

'Playboy Architecture'

A group of Princeton University Ph.D. students have been involved in a research project led by Professor of Architecture Beatriz Colomina that looks at the influence of architecture on Playboy Magazine from 1953 to 1979, and the magazine's impact on architecture and design culture in the United States through its vision of a desirable contemporary lifestyle. Read more. 

'Outside the classroom: Fashion design'

Senior Mary Adeogun is a molecular biology major who has a passion for clothing design outside of her academic studies. This video shows Adeogun at Princeton's Prospect House holding a fashion photo shoot for her portfolio. Most of the models and crew who helped with the shoot are also Princeton undergraduates from various academic departments.  

Architecture and independent work

A central feature of Princeton University's undergraduate education is the independent research requirement for juniors and seniors. In the School of Architecture, juniors take a design studio course each semester to meet the requirement. Read more. 


At "Shirleypalooza" on Sunday, April 28, students paid tribute to Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman. Read more. 

Christopher L. Eisgruber named 20th president of Princeton University

Christopher L. Eisgruber speaks during an April 21 media conference following his appointment as Princeton University's 20th president, effective July 1. Read more. 

'Every Voice'

Upon the occasion of the "Every Voice" conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and ally alumni on campus, Princeton University alumni, students, staff and professors discuss the arc of LGBT life at Princeton over the last 50 years. Read more. 

'Drawn and Moving'

'Drawn & Moving: Animated Films from Japan' is a video series exploring the art form of Japanese animation. Movie screenings are held Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre in Wilcox Hall at Wilson College. The series is sponsored by Wilson College, the Japanese language program, the Major Choices program of the Residential Colleges, and Anime Manga Princeton. 

'Financial Aid at Princeton'

Studying engineering, playing basketball in the NCAA tournament, and traveling to Europe are just a few opportunities made possible by Princeton University's groundbreaking financial aid program. Read more. 

'A Princeton Story: Rafting Down the Mississippi River'

Princeton University junior Jackson Dobies experienced a summer of a lifetime last June after he was awarded a Martin A. Dale '53 Summer Award. Dobies rafted much of the length of the Mississippi River from north to south along with his older brother Justin, modeling the classic stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Read more. 

'Cynthia Lu: The Art of Computer Science'

Jingwan "Cynthia" Lu, a Princeton University fourth-year graduate student in computer science, is redefining the way an artist can "paint" with digital strokes on a computer. Read more. 

ECCO at Princeton

Jonathan Vinocour, a 2001 Princeton alumnus who is principal violist with the San Francisco Symphony, came back to campus with the East Coast Chamber Orchestra — known as ECCO — to perform with Princeton students. Read more. 

'International Eye'

Princeton students are showcasing their many opportunities to experience life abroad through an exhibition of photographs taken while participating in international programs. Read more. 

'A Princeton Story — Songs from the Heart'

Princeton junior Tanya Tawengwa talks about the many ways in which Princeton has helped her pursue her dream to become a performer. Read more. 

'With You'

Music major Tanya Tawengwa, a native of Zimbabwe, performs "With You" — the title song from her first CD, which hit the charts in the capital city of Harare — in Princeton's Richardson Auditorium. Read more. 

'We Heart Shirley'

This video compiled from photos and video clips submitted from campus and around the world shows Princeton alumni expressing their appreciation for President Shirley M. Tilghman. The video was played Saturday, Feb. 23, at the annual Alumni Day luncheon. Read more. 

'Cardboard Canoe Race'

Campus Recreation recently held a cardboard canoe building and racing competition where students were given 90 minutes and limited supplies to build a successful canoe. The pressure was on as the time ran down and supplies ran short. Here is a look at what happened. 

'Princeton Orange Bowl'

The annual Princeton Orange Bowl — or "OJ Game" — is an event in which teams compete to build the best virtual orange juice business. Read more. 

'Cunningham and Rauschenberg, revisited'

Princeton alumnus and professional dancer Silas Riener is teaching students Merce Cunningham choreography for two dance events. Read more. 

'Princeton Trees'

A photographic sampling of the tree species on the University grounds reflects the campus's park-like beauty. Read more. 

'Three Professors'

These three Princeton professors are inspirational instructors who are passionate about the courses they teach. Read more. 

'Insights With Martin Gilens'

Professor Martin Gilens discusses his findings about the influence of the affluent over government policy. Read more. 

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Southern Ocean

Climate Central interviewed Jorge Sarmiento regarding the Southern Ocean and his work to model its role in the carbon cycle. Read more. 

'Finding the Enduring Shield of Princeton'

The Princeton University shield appears in a variety of forms throughout the campus. Read more. 

'Devising Theater With Youth'

In a Princeton theater course, University students are working with children in an on-campus after-school program to produce a play. Read more. 

'Three Students'

These three Princeton students are pursuing their passions in distinctive ways. Read more. 

'Princeton Bonfire'

Princeton students, faculty, staff and alumni gather to celebrate the University's football victory over Harvard and Yale. Read more. 

'Sharing the Stage: Science and Art at Princeton'

Princeton seniors Anna Wuttig and Gary Fox talk about how they pursue their passion for creativity as they combine their interests in science and the arts. Read more. 

Program in Global Health and Health Policy

The Program in Global Health and Health Policy is an undergraduate certificate program in which students explore local and global health issues. See full video. 

'French Theater: Behind the Scenes'

Princeton students rehearse scenes and talk about the French Theater workshop led by Senior Lecturer Florent Masse. Read more. 

'Using Mid-InfraRed Lasers'

Five Princeton graduate students are leading a yearlong field research project using new laser sensors to measure pollutants with unprecedented sensitivity. Read more. 

Seven Parks

Seven parks lie within a 15-minute walk of campus. Read more. 

Cane Spree 2012

In a tradition dating back to the 1860s, freshmen compete against sophomores in a series of athletic events known as Cane Spree. 

Doorways of Princeton

These 20 distinctive doorways at Princeton University span more than 700 years of architectural styles. Read more. 

'Clash of the Colleges'

Freshmen put their college spirit and talents on display at the second annual "Clash of the Colleges" competition. Read more. 

'Princeton: Ivy and Espalier'

A brief visual stroll through campus with an eye for the poetic beauty that ivy and espalier provide to all who view them. Read more. 

Weapons of Mass Construction 2012

Princeton student-athletes participate in a day of service in conjunction with the Princeton Varsity Club and the YMCA of Trenton. Read more. 

PLOrk performs 'A Horde of Premieres and Pianos'

The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) performed seven new works in a show titled "A Horde of Premieres and Pianos" earlier this year. Read more. 

Ai Weiwei sculpture installation time-lapse video

Time-lapse images show the work involved in setting up the "Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads" sculptures outside Robertson Hall. Read more. 

'24 hours at Princeton University'

This video reflects how the appearance of more than a dozen campus locations evolves from dawn to dusk. Read more. 

Ethiopian Castles, Monasteries and More

Photographs by Wendy Laura Belcher capture castles, monasteries and more scenes from Ethiopia. Read more. 

'Chemistry at Princeton: Profiles of Young Chemists'

Graduate and postdoctoral students in Princeton's Department of Chemistry discuss their research in various areas of chemistry. Read more. 

'A Brief Drive Inside'

Take a glimpse of Princeton's inviting campus through a driver's view, which quickly captures more than 50 locations usually only seen by pedestrians. Read more. 

'Mapping Princeton'

Many of the ways Princeton has been represented: from maps to 3-D modeling. Read more. 

Looking Up at Princeton

Glancing sunlight accentuates Princeton's special sense of place. No detail has been spared to inspire contemplation and reflection. Read more. 

'Spirit and Celebration'

This video captures the many events that took place on campus leading up to and including Princeton's 265th Commencement, held June 5. Read more. 

Excerpts from President Tilghman's Commencement Speech

Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman emphasizes the value of a liberal arts education in her address to the graduates. Read more. 

Excerpts from Princeton Class Day 2012

Class of 2012 President Lindy Li, keynote speaker Steve Carell and Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman offer heartfelt and humorous words to the graduating seniors. Read more. 

Excerpts from Princeton Graduate School Hooding 2012

Keynote speaker and Princeton graduate alumnus George Will presents a playful "beer-centric" history of civilization to the advanced-degree candidates. Read more. 

Excerpts from Princeton Baccalaureate 2012

Author and Princeton alumnus Michael Lewis tells graduating seniors that luck plays an important role in success. Read more. 

Commencement 2012: Beyond FitzRandolph Gate

Meet 10 Princeton seniors who have made an impact on the world even before they departed through FitzRandolph Gate at the end of Commencement. Read more. 

'Goin' Back: Reunions 2012'

Each year, thousands of alumni return to Princeton for Reunions, where they learn, laugh and reconnect with their classmates and the University. Here's a look at this year's festivities. 

'Reunions Memories'

Dozens of Princeton alumni submitted photos via email and social media to be featured in a slideshow of Reunions memories before this year's fun begins. Read more. 

Engineering at Princeton

Engineering at Princeton has expanded while integrating seamlessly within one of the world's finest liberal arts institutions. Read more. 

'A Princeton Story'

The Alvarez siblings talk about their experience at Princeton. Read more. 

Princeton's Glee Club

One afternoon in April, 89 students in Princeton's Glee Club gathered to rehearse a Bulgarian folk song that tells the story of a girl trying to get the attention of a shy boy. Read more. 

Reaching Their Peak

Meet the Princeton students and kids with disabilities who meet and scale to new heights in the Peak Potential program.  

Alan Turing at Princeton University

Alan Turing, who earned a Ph.D. from Princeton in 1938, is considered the father of computer science. Read more. 

The Stairways of Princeton

The architectural details — such as stairways — on the Princeton campus come from a variety of traditions. This slideshow offers a view of some of Princeton's notable stairways. Read more. 

Humanities sequence at Princeton

Freshmen share their thoughts on a yearlong humanities course. Read more. 

'Welcome to My Dorm!'

Four Princeton students give an insider's tour of their dorms. Read more. 

I <3 Princeton

The Princeton University community shows its heart. Read more. 

Princeton Student Colony

Princeton Atelier launches the "Princeton Student Colony." Read more. 

Frogs + Forms

Jaewon Choi created a large-scale painting for her visual arts senior thesis show. Meanwhile, her physics thesis explores light emitted at the beginning of the universe. Read more. 

Roommates at Princeton

Freshman and senior roommates offer reflections and advice on the experience. Read more. 

Princeton's Cogeneration Plant

Edward "Ted" Borer, the University's energy plant manager, gives a tour of Princeton's cogeneration plant and talks about energy efficiency on campus. Read more. 

Women's hoops at the NCAA tournament

Follow the Princeton women's basketball team before, during and after the final game of their historic season. Read more. 

The ultimate programmable calculator

Princeton professor Carlos Brody is seeking to understand the mechanisms that control brain cells involved in short-term memory and decision-making. Read more. 

'International Eye'

Princeton students are showcasing their many opportunities to experience life abroad through an exhibition of photographs taken while participating in international programs. Read more. 

Extreme Visions

"Extreme Visions" examines two signature additions to the Princeton campus with contrasting styles: the modernist Lewis Library and the Collegiate Gothic-inspired Whitman College. Read more. 

Bringing new perspectives to campus treasures

Princeton's campus treasures are a rich blend of the old, the new, and the renewed, and like great thoughts, they weather time. Read more.  

A violin virtuoso pays a visit

Violinist Julia Fischer will make her Princeton debut Feb. 16 in Richardson Auditorium. Edward Skolnick '12 describes why her visit to campus is so special. Read more. 

Michelangelo: A Life on Paper

Comparative literature professor Leonard Barkan talks about words and sketches on Michelangelo's drawings. Read more. 

Halftime retreat

Sophomores can attend a winter retreat to reflect on their Princeton experiences and to explore new ways to think about their upcoming academic and career choices. Read more. 

It's Swing Club, Baby!

The Princeton Swing Club, a collection of undergraduates, graduate students and local community members, gathers at the Fields Center to get their Lindy Hop groove on. 

Art of Science 2011

The theme for this year's "Art of Science" exhibition is "intelligent design." Read more. 

The Sweet Life at Princeton's Bake Shop

The bake shop at Princeton University offers sweet treats made with a whole lot of love. Read more. 

Connecting at Princeton

Opportunities to experience genuine connection with others — in academic, extracurricular and social settings — abound at Princeton.  Read Story

Approaching Art, the Princeton Art Museum

Museum director James Steward and others talk about the Princeton University Art Museum's new approach to displaying art. Read more. 

Color Play: Princeton in Fall

Dancing and tumbling in the wind, a fall leaf gives color to the beauty of the Princeton University campus. Read more. 

Putting the squeeze on batteries

Professor Craig Arnold is working to make lithium-ion batteries last longer and provide more energy. Read more.  

'Silence, Noise, Sound and Music'

Princeton music professor Barbara White leads a freshman seminar dealing with the elusiveness of quiet and blurring boundaries between everyday life and art. Read more. 

Remembering Princeton's veterans

Bronze stars have been placed outside the windows of Princeton dorm rooms that housed students who lost their lives in U.S. military service. 

Open Doors: Princeton Graduate School

Faculty and students discuss the distinctive qualities and traditions of Princeton University's Graduate School. Read more.  

'Fuente Ovejuna'

"Fuente Ovejuna: A Disloyal Adaptation," a student production based on real events in 15th-century Spain, will be performed at 8 p.m., Nov. 11-12 and 17-19 at Berlind Theatre. Read more. 

Faces of Princeton

Professor Jeffrey Eugenides talks about his approach to teaching writing to Princeton undergraduates and what he learns from his students. Read more. 

Freshman Parents Weekend

The Princeton campus welcomed hundreds of the freshman class's family members, so that they could see where the students live, learn and socialize. Read more. 

Princeton at 265

The independent spirit of Princeton's charter -- granted Oct. 22, 1746 -- continues to infuse the University today. Read more. 

Nobel Prize reception highlights

Princeton's Christopher Sims wins the 2011 Nobel Prize in economics with visiting professor Thomas Sargent. Read more. 

Helping Africa’s young leaders tap into networks

Princeton hosted an "indaba," or gathering, focused on creating a lifelong network of support among alumni of the African Leadership Academy. Read more.  

Weapons of Mass Construction

Princeton student-athletes participate in a day of service in conjunction with the Princeton Varsity Club and Isles Inc. Read more.  

Class of 2011 offers advice for incoming class

"Do something new." "Start your thesis early." These were some of the words of wisdom the Class of 2011 left for the Class of 2015 before graduation in May. Read more. 

Princeton's Opening Day 2011

Highlights from opening day events explore how the University frames the freshman class's forthcoming academic and social experiences, with an eye toward service. Read more. 

Summer reflection

The vivid colors and beauty of the Princeton campus come into focus during the summer months. Read more. 

Conversation With... Jeff Nunokawa

Princeton Professor Jeff Nunokawa answers questions sent via Facebook and Twitter about how social media affect teaching and literature, and much more. Learn more. 

Engineering 3-D sound

Engineering professor Edgar Choueiri has developed a way to play true 3-D sound recordings over regular loudspeakers. Read more. 

Global lessons from Princeton's microclimate

Professor Bou-Zeid is mapping the microclimate of the campus to better understand how local environments affect the global climate. Read more. 

Communicating science

Professors enlist the help of elementary school students to explain the science of communication behind sound waves and more. Read more. 

Princeton's involvement in global health

Faculty members and undergraduate students speak about Princeton's interdisciplinary approach to global health and health policy. Read more. 

She Roars: Conference highlights

"She Roars: Conference Highlights" captures the historic event, including photos and remarks from keynote speakers. Read more.  

Faces of Princeton

Professor David Spergel and Jared Crooks '11 discuss astrophysics and collaborating, as part of a video for "Aspire: A Plan for Princeton," a $1.75 billion fundraising campaign. Read more. 

Slideshow: Aim high and be bold!

A slideshow captures the many events that took place on campus leading up to and including Princeton's 264th Commencement, held May 31.  Read Story

Class of 2011 reflections

Members of the class of 2011 reflect on their Princeton experience. Read more. 

Sounds of Princeton arch sings

For 70 years the sounds of Princeton's a cappella groups have been echoing in arches across campus. Read more. 

Reunions bring back Princeton alumni through the ages

From silent movies to HD video, the University Archives record Princeton Reunions. Read more. 

Hands-on filmmaking at Princeton

This spring Princeton students got hands-on production experience in 'Social Issue Filmmaking.' Read more. 

WOMEN: 50 years at Princeton University

'WOMEN: 50 Years at Princeton University' celebrates the history of coeducation at Princeton. Read more. 

Grand Challenges

Stephen Pacala, other faculty and students give an overview of the Grand Challenges Program at Princeton University. Read more. 

Moving: Poetry at Princeton

Poets from Princeton University talk about poetry and read their work. Read more. 

Welcome to Princeton's residential colleges

Students, college masters and staff members describe the importance of life in Princeton's residential colleges. Read more. 

Frick Chemistry Laboratory time-lapse

This time-lapse video condenses three years of daily photos taken during the construction of the new home of Princeton's chemistry department. 

Skate Night

A recent Skate Night event offered students a chance to ice skate late at night for free and to enter an ugly sweater contest. Read more. 

Eating Clubs at Princeton

Princeton's 10 non-residential eating clubs are a significant part of social life for many undergraduate students. Read more. 

Students' minds flower in winter

During winter, Princeton students forged trails among the many spots for study and reflection across campus. Read more. 

Mark Dancigers performs new music

Mark Dancigers, a Ph.D. candidate in music composition, performs his "Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra" with the University Orchestra. Read more. 

William G. Bowen: Reflections of a University president

President Emeritus William G. Bowen reflects on his role in Princeton's history concerning coeducation, diversity, life sciences and more. Read more. 

Shotaro Makisumi dreams in cubes

Shotaro (“Macky”) Makisumi '12, who founded the Princeton Cube Club, realizes his dream of hosting a world-class Rubik’s Cube competition on Princeton’s campus. Read more. 

'Flock Logic' unites science and dance

Princeton professors Naomi Leonard and Susan Marshall combine the science of motion and the art of movement in a special course and two performances. Read more. 

Conversation With... Edward Felten

Princeton Professor Edward Felten discusses the many ways technology and society intersect, as well as how students can combine academic interests. Read more. 

Bill T. Jones's 'Continuous Creation'

Director and choreographer Bill T. Jones will discuss his seminal dance work and lead an open rehearsal with Princeton students Jan. 18 in the Stewart Theater. Read more. 

Mark Zondlo is up in the clouds

Taofik Kolade '08 reinterprets video shot by engineering professor Mark Zondlo and his team as they traveled in a superfast research aircraft mapping Earth's atmosphere. Read more. 

Engineering after Princeton: Catherine Toppin

In this profile, 2002 alumna Catherine Toppin discusses how her Princeton engineering education helped prepare her for a thriving career as a patent attorney. Read more. 

Sustainable sculpture contest winner

This time-lapse video shows the University League Nursery School team assembling its recycled toy sculpture, which was the winning entry in a Trash Sculpture Contest sponsored by Princeton's Office of Sustainability. Read more about the recent open house and report. 

Sustainability at Princeton

Student environmental clubs and organizations are essential partners in the University's ongoing Sustainability Plan. Read more about the recent open house and report. 

Discover Princeton Environmental Institute

Stephen Pacala gives a tour of the University’s interdisciplinary center for environmental research, education and outreach. Watch the full video. Read more. 

Plastic electronics

Engineering professor Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo describes some of the potentially life-changing uses for these malleable materials. Read more. 

Eli Harari: Engineering after Princeton

SanDisk Corp. founder Eli Harari, who earned his Ph.D. at Princeton in 1973, describes how a successful inventor changes the world by pushing innovation. Read more. 


Local middle school students help faculty members and graduate students give a hands-on explanation of polymers at Princeton's 2010 Science and Engineering Expo. Read more. 

Earth's last frontier: The atmosphere

Mark Zondlo and his team travel from pole to pole in a superfast research aircraft mapping Earth's atmosphere with a new laser-based sensor that measures water vapor. Read more.  

Dodgeball: Genesis of a tradition

Thousands of students turned out for the sixth annual Princeton University Dodgeball Tournament in Dillon Gymnasium this April. Read more.  

Springtime in Princeton

With graduates from the class of 2010 heading out into the world after their last spring at Princeton, this video looks back at campus during one of its most beautiful seasons. Read more.  

Taiko drumming seminar

Princeton ethnomusicologist Noriko Manabe and her students participated in a workshop with taiko drummer Kaoru Watanabe. Read more.  

Slideshow: Celebrating a beginning

A new slideshow captures the many events that took place on campus between May 27 and June 1 to celebrate Commencement and Reunions.   Read Story

Commencement 2010

Princeton hosted a series of events and ceremonies highlighting the achievements of the Class of 2010, concluding with the University's 263rd Commencement. Read more 

Weapons of Mass Construction 2010

More than 130 Princeton student-athletes participated a day of service in conjunction with the Princeton Varsity Club and Isles Inc. Read more.  

A Sympoh retrospective

Past and present members of Sympoh recall how joining Princeton’s break dancing crew has enhanced their campus experiences since the troupe's genesis in 1998. Read more.  

Community House's 40th anniversary

For more than 40 years, Community House has provided opportunities for undergraduates to tutor and mentor local students from preschool through high school. Read more.  

Art of Science 2010

This year's "Art of Science" exhibition was launched with an original score by Miracles of Modern Science, an orchestral rock band composed of recent Princeton alumni. Read more.  

Plasmas are hot, fusion is cool

The DOE Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory conducts research along the frontier of fusion science. Read more.  

The Princeton experience

Six students describe the Princeton experiences that they found most meaningful, including opportunities for learning, growth, leadership and service. Read more.  

Creative writing professor Chang-rae Lee

Novelist Chang-rae Lee, director of Princeton's Program in Creative Writing, brings the meticulous nature of his writing style into the classroom. Read more.  

Aha! Princeton!

Undergraduates discuss their favorite and most surprising academic experiences since being on campus, from international opportunities to blending disciplines. Read more.  

This is Princeton 2010

This year's benefit event highlighted the rich arts culture on campus, with performances by University musicians, singers and dancers at Richardson Auditorium. Read more.  

Odita discusses his mural, 'Up and Away'

Artist Odili Donald Odita discusses the many-hued mural commissioned for Butler College as part of Princeton’s public art initiative. Read more.  

Bridge Year Program

The 20 students selected for Princeton's inaugural Bridge Year Program have been transformed by daily life overseas in Ghana, India, Peru and Serbia. Read more.  

Artistry in Motion

Capping off Black History Month this February are highlights from a showcase by students, faculty and alumni as part of the Coming Back & Moving Forward conference. Read more.  

Materials camp for teachers recap

Some 30 teachers came to the Princeton Center for Complex Materials to conduct hands-on material science labs and learn more to take back to classrooms. 

Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger on the Chinese Zodiac began Feb. 14. It seems Princeton and the tiger were destined to be connected -- the year the University was founded also was the Year of the Tiger. Read more.  

John Bonner's slime mold movies

Biology Professor Emeritus John Bonner's microscope films show the curiously collective nature of slime molds. Read more.  

Laura Forese: Engineering after Princeton

Laura Forese discusses how communicating openly at all levels helps her lead the New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center. View more alumni videos.  

Eric Schmidt: Engineering after Princeton

Google CEO Eric Schmidt discusses the need to embrace change, styles of leadership and why he chose to study at Princeton. View more alumni videos. 

Coming Back and Moving Forward

At the largest gathering of black alumni in the University's history, emotions overflowed as participants talked about Princeton's transformation. Event coverage. "Connect" initiative.  

The Philosopher Kings (excerpt)

Josue Lajeunesse is featured in the documentary "The Philosopher Kings," which tells the stories of eight janitors at U.S. universities. Special screenings will take place Dec. 9. Read more. 

Lisa Jackson: Engineering after Princeton

Lisa Jackson says problem-solving skills she learned at Princeton are crucial to her work as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. View more alumni videos. 

Princeton's commitment to sustainability

Princeton's comprehensive plan is having an impact on the University's ambitious sustainability goals. View the full-length video and the 2009 report

Jeff Bezos: Engineering after Princeton

Engineering alumnus Jeff Bezos offers new students advice and discusses his philosophy on innovation. View more alumni videos. 

Ge Wang: Engineering after Princeton

Engineering graduate alumnus Ge Wang talks about music, computer science and an application that turns an iPhone into a flute. View more alumni videos. 

Princeton's green roofs

Faculty, students and staff involved in a monitoring project are measuring the effectiveness of sustainability efforts on the newly installed Butler College green roof. Read more

Engineers Without Borders

Princeton’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders traveled to Kumudo, Ethiopia, to collaborate with villagers in building a human-powered irrigation system.  

Engineering a difference

Engineering professor Winston (Wolé) Soboyejo discusses his camel solar refrigerator project, which may improve vaccine delivery in remote areas of Kenya and Ethiopia. Read more

Sherrerd Hall

A time-lapse video produced by members of the Department of Computer Science compresses 29 months of construction into four minutes. 

Commencement Week 2009 slideshow

Additional photographs from selected graduation ceremonies are available.  Read Story

Words of wisdom

President Tilghman, the valedictorian and the President's Awards for Distinguished Teaching recipients share words of wisdom with the graduating class. Read more

Voz Latina

Participants from across the nation gathered for a symposium on Latinos in America hosted by Princeton's Graduate School and Latino Graduate Student Association. 

Excerpt from Holger Staude's concerto performance

Valedictorian Holger Staude was one of three winners of the annual University Concerto Competition, which led to a featured performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor. Read more

Weapons of Mass Construction

More than 120 Princeton student-athletes spent April 5 working with the Princeton Varsity Club and Isles Inc. on a rebuilding and beautification project in Hamilton, NJ. Read more.  

2009 Art of Science competition

The 2009 Art of Science competition highlights scientific images created during the course of research projects. Read more

Keller Center: My idea of a better world

The Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education focuses on preparing Princeton students to be leaders in an increasingly complex society. Read more

Princeton: Discovery, inspiration, evolution

Undergraduates discuss what they have brought to the University community, and how they have changed since being on campus. Read more

This is Princeton 2009

The benefit event highlighted the rich arts culture on campus, with performances by University musicians, singers and dancers at Richardson Auditorium. Read more

Recap: Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

The Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering team designed and created unmanned vehicles for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. Read more

Pitching ideas at TigerLaunch

The final day of this year's TigerLaunch Business Plan Competition, to be held Feb. 21, is the culmination of a business idea pitching competition that began in December. Read more.  

Behind the Candela exhibit

Engineering assistant professor Maria Garlock describes how Princeton students helped research and build models for an exhibition on architect Félix Candela. Read more.  

Science Olympiad comes to Princeton

Teams from 16 middle schools and 17 high schools honed their engineering know-how in the regional Science Olympiad tournament hosted by Princeton. 

Engineering our future

Princeton professors Ed Felten, Ron Weiss and Yin Lu Young describe how their cutting-edge research today can positively influence the future. View all Giving to Princeton videos. 

Lewis Library construction time lapse

This time-lapse video shows four years of construction on the Frank Gehry-designed Lewis Library, which opened this fall. Read the opening-day story. 

Campaign '08: The Aftermath

Scholars of politics and public affairs examine the results of the 2008 presidential election in a roundtable discussion at Princeton Nov. 5. Watch the full panel on WebMedia

701 Carnegie groundbreaking

Representatives from the University, West Windsor Township and other groups took part in a ceremony for the future home of Princeton's Office of Information Technology and treasurer's office. 

The new Butler College

A slideshow explores the Butler College construction project and the impact of the new dorms, expected to open in fall 2009. Read story. View all Giving to Princeton videos. 

Crossing the Lines: Kashmir, Pakistan, India

Zia Mian and Pervez Hoodbhoy explore the disputed territory of Kashmir. A full-length version is available on the Princeton YouTube channel. Read Story 

Princeton's Paul Krugman wins Nobel in economics

Paul Krugman was greeted with a standing ovation in Robertson Hall Oct. 13. Read story. Watch the full press conference on Princeton's YouTube Channel.  

Princeton Laptop Orchestra

Professors Dan Trueman and Perry Cook lead a project in which students create computer-based instruments that are integrated into conventional music-making contexts. Visit PLOrk's website

Michael Eric Dyson keynote speech excerpt

Michael Eric Dyson, a prominent sociologist at Georgetown University, gave one of three keynote speeches at Princeton's "Coming Back and Moving Forward" black alumni conference, which took place Oct. 22-24. Dyson read from his forthcoming book "Presidential Race: Barack Obama and Blackness in America," which analyzes the decisions President Barack Obama made handling race during the campaign. Read more. 

Eddie Glaude keynote speech excerpt

Center for African American Studies chair Eddie Glaude gave one of three keynote speeches at Princeton's "Coming Back and Moving Forward" black alumni conference, which took place Oct. 22-24. Glaude's lecture, "America Looks Back: How Will We Move Forward?" called on the audience to re-examine how the past affects the present. Read more. 

Cornel West keynote speech excerpt

Cornel West, the Class of 1943 University Professor in the Center for African American Studies, gave one of three keynote speeches at Princeton's "Coming Back and Moving Forward" black alumni conference, which took place Oct. 22-24. West spoke about his newly released memoir, "Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud." Read more. 

Looking Forward (excerpt)

Attendees at the "Coming Back and Moving Forward" black alumni conference Oct. 22-24 will have a chance to view the full documentary, "Looking Forward," by Melvin McCray '74. Read more. 

Masterworks for the Zen flute

Students have the opportunity to learn to play the Japanese bamboo flute from visiting fellow Riley Lee, the first non-Japanese to attain the rank of shakuhachi grand master. Read more

Financial aid program provides access, affordability

Financial Aid Director Robin Moscato answers frequently asked questions about Princeton's landmark no-loan policy. Read story. 

Financial Aid Estimator Tour

Robin Moscato introduces four videos using the aid estimator to show how undergraduate applicants' families at varying income levels may qualify for grant aid. Watch the videos. 

Outdoor Action Sustainability Initiative

Students at an Outdoor Action rock climb discuss learning about sustainability in the wilderness as members of the first "eco-trip."
Read story. 

OIT Expressions

The second annual OIT Expressions fine arts and crafts exhibit was on display in the Lucas Gallery at 185 Nassau Street through July 13. 

President Tilghman on energy and the environment

President Shirley M. Tilghman comments on Princeton's focus on energy and the environment. 

Annual Giving: Job One

Annual Giving is a vital part of the five-year, University-wide campaign entitled Aspire: A Plan for Princeton. View the full video here. 

Commencement 2008

Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman and graduating students reflect on their time together, preparing for a world in which the only constant is change. Read Story 

'Iron Tiger' final showdown

This clip introduces the Iron Tiger showdown, in which Dining Services chefs showed off their culinary prowess. The top teams competed during Fristfest. View the full video at WebMedia

Inspiring efforts to improve race relations

Winners of the 2008 Princeton Prize in Race Relations present their projects at the first-ever Princeton Prize Symposium on Race. Read Story 

Rodríguez-Iturbe discusses new fish biodiversity model

This interview is based on a paper published in the journal Nature on May 8, 2008. Read more 

Eye of the Tiger: Christian Staehely

An excerpt from the Princeton Athletics video series featuring scholar athletes. 

'Iron Tigers' chef showdown

The University's culinary artists put their skills and creativity to the test in Dining Services' "Iron Tigers" competition. The two top teams will compete during Fristfest at 1 p.m. Friday, May 2. 

Robert F. Goheen, Princeton president emeritus, dies

Goheen, president from 1957 to 1972 during a period of transformative growth and change, died March 31. Read Story 

Devoted to the arts: Combining creative, academic pursuits

Julia Brav is one of three students profiled who have incorporated the arts into their Princeton experiences. Read Story 

Engineering school's growth targets societal needs

H. Vincent Poor, dean of the engineering school, is focused on four priority areas for the school's continued growth. Read Story 

Flight over Princeton

Take an aerial tour over portions of Princeton University's main campus. 


Princeton launched a comprehensive fundraising campaign to expand its excellence in teaching and research, and to increase the University's impact on a changing world.  

Financial Aid Director Moscato on Princeton's ground-breaking program

Financial Aid Director Robin Moscato comments on Princeton's ground-breaking financial aid program for undergraduate students. 

Devoted to the arts: Kelvin Dinkins

Kelvin Dinkins spends as much time working on tour schedules as rehearsing solos as the president of the Triangle Club, the University’s oldest theater group.
Read Story 

Devoted to the arts: Carlos Jimenez Cahua

Carlos Jiménez Cahua is just one example of the different ways Princeton students weave the arts into their lives.  Read Story