News at Princeton

Monday, April 24, 2017



Experts at Princeton University are available to speak with members of the news media about breaking news, trends and topical issues related to their respective areas of expertise.

Princeton University has many other experts who are not listed here. If you need assistance identifying other experts, please contact a member of the media relations team or the appropriate campus contacts.

  • Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, diplomacy, military strategy, self-determination
  • Jill Dolan, women's and LGBT theatre, pop culture, performance 
  • Rubén Gallo, Spanish and Portuguese, European cultural studies and architecture
  • Robert George, civil liberties, religion and politics, morality and public policy
  • Hendrik Hartog, history of American law, American studies
  • Stanley Katz, philanthropy and public policy, human rights, higher education policy
  • Daniel Kurtzer, Middle East politics, Arab-Israel peace process, Arab revoluations, Iran
  • David Leheny, East Asian international relations and culture 
  • Noriko Manabe, music, East Asian studies and Latin American studies
  • Meredith Martin, media studies, technology and literature, literature and war, poetic form
  • Douglas Massey, immigration, race, inequality, urban studies, Mexico-United States relations  
  • Nolan McCarty, politics and public affairs
  • Forrest Meggers, urban design, sustainable systems and renewable energy
  • Zia Mian, international security, arms control, South Asia, Pakistan 
  • Imani Perry, social justice, race and law
  • Julia Rubin, public education policy, community economic development, nonprofit managment 
  • Dmitri Tymoczko, music theory, composition, mathematics and geometry of music
  • Susan Wolfson,  Shakespeare, British romanticism, women's rights and feminist criticism
  • Julian Zelizer, history, politics, and public affairs