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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Authorization Form


Princeton University attempts to cooperate with those who wish to film or photograph on the campus provided such photography does not interfere with the educational, scholarly or administrative functions of the institution.

Permission to film or photograph and related arrangements must be made through the University's Office of Communications, often in conjunction with the Office of Conference and Event Services.

Still or motion picture photography destined for promotional use is subject to limitation. The limitation does not apply to filming or photgraphing for non-commercial news or editorial purposes, but requests must be submitted to the University's Office of Communications.

"Promotional use" is defined as any use that could imply endorsement of a commercial or non-University entity, product or service. The following restrictions apply to film and photography destined for promotional use:

  • The intended use of the photography must be stated explicitly in writing and submitted to the Office of Communications. The statement of intended use must include the product or service being promoted, the intended market, the medium, any accompanying text or other images, and how an image of the University would be used. In cases of motion pictures, a brief synopsis — including the names of the actors and the full script or appropriate script excerpts — must be submitted.
  • Neither campus buildings nor persons present on campus who are not the subject of the shoot may be photographed in such a way as to render them identifiable.
  • The University's restricted images include all or recognizable portions of Nassau Hall, Alexander Hall, Blair Hall arch, FitzRandolph Gate and Lewis Library.

A fee is charged for the use of the location for each day or portion of a day. These fees may be waived, in part or in whole, if the photography is for educational or other bona fide public information purposes. In addition, the company or agency responsible for the photography pays all incurred expenses such as those for electricians, food services, janitorial services, etc. Depending on the nature of the photography and the location, proof of general liability may be required. Specific contractual arrangements must be negotiated in advance.

Once the first condition has been met and the others stipulated, conditional permission to film or photograph the campus will be granted or denied. If conditional permission is granted, the applicant must submit in advance the exact date or dates of filming, names of personnel, vehicle information, and any anticipated requirements for personnel, equipment, or other assistance from Princeton University.

If the plans change in any significant detail from the original application, permission may be withdrawn. Changes in the date or time of the photography may provide sufficient grounds to withdraw permission, as these may cause conflicts with other University events or uses of desired locations.

The Office of Communications reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of campus locations if, in our judgment, such use might be harmful to the reputation of Princeton or to its educational purposes.

To certify that you have read and understood this statement of policy, and agree to its terms and stipulations, please print a PDF version of the form and sign, scan and email it to: Min Pullan,