News at Princeton

Friday, April 28, 2017

News photographers and film crews


News photographers and film crews must contact Min Pullan with at least 48 hours advance notice to allow the media relations staff to work with public safety, the parking office and other University offices to arrange access to campus. We do this to ensure there is no delay in access and that media visits proceed smoothly.

Photographers and video crews must provide the date and time of the requested visit, where on campus they want to photograph or film, the names of crew members, vehicle information, and a signed copy of the University's photo and film policy statement. Our team also must receive confirmation from members of the University community that they have agreed to be photographed or filmed on campus. There are specific guidelines for frequently requested locations.

Additional authorization may be required depending upon the request.

Photographers and film crews will be directed to the Office of Communications, 22 Chambers St., Suite 201, to obtain press and parking passes before photographing or filming on campus begins.