News at Princeton

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Faculty Experts


Many academic and administrative units across the University have designated communications professionals to help identify faculty members and researchers with expertise to speak on matters of interest to the news media. These communications professionals can help arrange interviews, although film crews should note that the Office of Communications maintains campus filming policies and may be involved in such visits.

Arts, including visiting and permanent faculty in the creative and performing arts
Contact Steve Runk at the Lewis Center for the Arts, 609-258-5262.

Engineering and computer science
Contact Steven Schultz in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, 609-258-3617.

Fusion and plasma physics
Contact Kitta MacPherson at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 609-243-2755.

Public policy and international affairs
The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs maintains an online experts list. You also may contact Elisabeth Donahue to facilitate access to the Wilson School's faculty, 609-258-5988.

Contact Jamie Saxon in the Office of Communications, 609-258-2982.

Social sciences
Contact Michael Hotchkiss in the Office of Communications, 609-258-5922.

Natural and physical sciences
Contact Morgan Kelly in the Office of Communications, 609-258-5729.

Members of the news media also may choose to take advantage of faculty pages on department websites that list areas of research and expertise. A listing of academic programs and departments is available online. If identifying a faculty member without assistance from a University communications professional, reporters interested in coming to campus for an interview should contact the Office of Communications for authorization. This may help ensure ready access and that the interview proceeds smoothly.