New book promotes choice of majors

Oct. 25, 2004 10:37 a.m.

With approximately 43 percent of Princeton juniors and seniors concentrating in just five academic departments, the Office of the Dean of the College is highlighting the successes students have realized by majoring in one of the University's 29 other departments through a new book, "Major Choices."

Encouraging students to follow their intellectual passions, the 71-page publication includes 30 first-person accounts written by alumni who concentrated in 19 of the smaller academic departments and went on to rewarding, often unexpected careers.

Currently, the most popular departments among concentrators are, in descending order, politics (250), history (247), economics (223), the Woodrow Wilson School (164) and English (128). In comparison, the lowest numbers of concentrators are in Slavic languages and literatures (6), German (8) and astrophysical sciences (9).

According to Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel, the intention of "Major Choices" is not to draw students away from any of the larger departments if that is where their academic interests lie, but to raise awareness of the many intellectual opportunities available to students, and the ways selecting a less subscribed academic concentration can bring unique benefits.

Read the full story in the Weekly Bulletin.

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