Route 1 traffic project may affect University drivers

July 30, 2012 10 a.m.

A New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) pilot project on Route 1 may affect how some Princeton University employees, students and visitors travel into Princeton. Motorists using Route 1 northbound will not be able to make left turns or U-turns at Washington Road or Harrison Street in West Windsor starting on or about Friday, Aug. 3, 2012. The turn restrictions will last for about 12 weeks.

Drivers on Route 1 northbound may continue to access Princeton using the Alexander Road exit. Northbound drivers also may exit at the Scudders Mill Road interchange and U-turn onto Route 1 southbound to reach right-turn exits into Princeton.

Drivers on Route 1 southbound may continue to travel into Princeton via the normal routes, turning right at Alexander Road, Harrison Street or Washington Road

In connection with the pilot, NJDOT also will implement turn restrictions at Varsity Avenue and Fisher Place along Route 1. The traffic signals at Washington Road and Harrison Street will be optimized with the goal of improving traffic flow for Route 1 drivers.

The University will update directions for visitors on the Visiting Campus webpage when the road restrictions take effect.

University departments also have been asked to update campus directions posted on their websites or included in other materials — particularly communications to incoming students — during the pilot project. Drivers traveling on Route 1 northbound may be directed to take the Alexander Road exit to reach campus rather than turning left at Washington Road or Harrison Street. Departments also may link to directions on the Visiting Campus webpage from their individual websites.

NJDOT reports that the turn restrictions are intended to reduce traffic back-ups along Route 1 northbound. NJDOT officials said they would evaluate traffic data to determine whether congestion was reduced during the trial and to determine next steps. The NJDOT website has more information on the Route 1 pilot project and alternate routes for Route 1 drivers.

Route 1 map

This map (.pdf) shows alternate routes into Princeton from Route 1 during a New Jersey Department of Transportation pilot project that will restrict left turns at Washington Road or Harrison Street for about 12 weeks. (Illustration by the Office of Communications)