By the numbers: Emergency services volunteers

Oct. 8, 2012 10:32 a.m.

Dozens of Princeton University students, faculty, staff and alumni supply thousands of hours of volunteer support to the Princeton Fire Department and Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad each year.

Princeton Fire Department Associate Member Program:

• Number of University employees who volunteer in the associate member program: 30
• Number of hours the associate members have trained in the past 12 months: 648
• Number of calls that the associate members have responded to in the past 12 months: 250
• Number of volunteer hours by associate members in the past 12 months: 1,146
• Number of associate members who also volunteer in their hometowns: 22

Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad (PFARS):

• Of the 102 riding members of PFARS, half have University ties; 34 are current students and 17 are alumni or University employees.
• Of the 13 members on PFARS's executive committee, six are Princeton students and three are University alumni or staff.
• Of PFARS's top 10 ambulance call responders in 2012, six are Princeton University students.
• Of the 12 squad members who have responded to the more than 100 ambulance calls in 2012, eight are students at the University. As of Sept. 1, those eight students had gone on a combined 1,132 calls.

Source: Facilities Organization and Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad