Video feature: East Asian studies produces '21st-century citizens'

Nov. 3, 2014 noon
East Asian Studies Gavin Cook '15

Video still from Danielle Alio and Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

What does East Asian studies at Princeton University look like? A global seminar in Shanghai on the politics, economy and culture of China. An art history course on the gardens of China and Japan with a spring break trip to Kyoto. A summer language immersion program in Beijing. A Korean kimbap sushi-making workshop.

In this video, faculty, students and alumni of the Department of East Asian Studies share their experiences on campus and abroad. They discuss how the department immerses undergraduate and graduate students in the languages, cultures, history, politics and economics of China, Japan and Korea.

Students who major in East Asian studies develop a skill set — embracing language, cultural understanding and interdisciplinary study spanning the ancient to contemporary — that sends them out into the world prepared for a variety of careers. "With Asia as a touchstone, you can do whatever you want," said Gavin Cook, a member of the Class of 2015.

"We educate our students to become 21st-century citizens," said Martin Kern, the Greg ('84) and Joanna (P13) Zeluck Professor in Asian Studies and chair of the department.

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Watch a video about the Department of East Asian Studies, including advice and insight from faculty, students and alumni. (Video by Danielle Alio and Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications)