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Secure Remote Access (SRA) is replacing the University's VPN service, which will be turned off on January 7, 2016.
PICSciE and the Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (Q-APS) are hosting a the two-hour session that focuses on  Big Data, complete with a talk and mini-workshop.
A practical introduction to parallel computing for scientific/numerical codes using MPI and OpenMP, with lab exercises that provide hands-on experience running code on Princeton's high-performance computing cluster.
New 'Secure File Share' service on campus protects email attachments. University faculty, staff and students can use the service to securely exchange attachments through email.
'Phishing' on the rise: keep personal information private
Scammers are busily “phishing” for personal information like your social security number, birth date, user accounts and passwords—anything that can give them to access your account, credit or identity, or compromise your computer or device.
If you need technology help in your residence, reach out to one of your Student Technology Consultants (STC). STCs work for OIT and help with technology problems out at the residential colleges.
"iT4U@princeton"--the newsletter that provides an introduction to student computing and technology support and resources on campus--is now available online.
IT UnConference 2015... and 2016
IT Unconference 2015: a success story told by its attendees: “Uncon was an amazing experience…”
“Very fun and educational day.”                               
“…reconfirmed that I work with some real IT rock stars.”
Business travel on the horizon?  Borrow technology for the trip.
Traveling for business and need to stay in touch? Look to OIT's mobile loaner program and borrow a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or mobile hotspot to stay connected.
OIT recently introduced a 'Secure File Share' service on campus. University faculty, staff and students can use the service to securely exchange attachments through email.
IT Unconference for Princeton - June 4 - Register Early
A first-ever IT Unconference experience is planned for June 4, 2015. Register for the day long event where you and other attendees drive the agenda and lead theme and topic discussions.
OIT is pleased to announce a new service for securing networked printer devices on campus. The service, called PULPNET, is intended for university-owned or leased printers and copiers and is available in most campus buildings.
The University's Employee Learning Center is now live and boasts a new look, easier navigation, and new features.
Free online training at Princeton
If you are looking for general technology training or training for specific software, be sure to check the extensive training library that is available for free to the University community through Princeton’s offering of
Web Security Day - Keynote, workshops, more...
Web Security Day at Princeton is March 18.  Join program workshops throughout the day. Sessions are especially for staff who develop and update content on the web.
MS Lync for communication and collaboration - now available
University faculty, graduate students, and staff can now request MS Lync service for communication and collaboration.
Student Security Day at Princeton is November 5 at Frist!  Register and attend special security-related presentations throughout the day.  See a few or see them all.  The event is 9am to 4pm.
In November, students will have the first opportunity to use 'TigerHub' and the new Visual Course Planner to help with the course planning, advising, and registration process.
Workstation backups move to the new CrashPlan service. The TSM backup service will no longer be available beginning November 1, 2014.
Join Princeton University Learning Series (PULSe) webinars this fall and learn more about communicating with MS Lync, using and securing mobile technology, Google Drive, Sharepoint tips, and more.