July 19, 2006: Crossword

Stella Daily '00 was interviewed for NPR's On the Media feature about her experience in the 2006 Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. For a transcript or to hear the interview, click here.

Small school

By Stella Daily ’00

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1. “New look” designer
5. Searcher for Sita
9. Uses scissors
14. Actress Skye of Say Anything
15. Lithographer whose works can be found in the Princeton University Library
16. Kind of genie, in Arabic mythology
17. Take one’s turn at bat
20. Waste maker, proverbially
21. Clio’s debating foe
22. Molecular biology professor Wang
23. Projectile aimed at houses by hoodlums
25. First, in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
28. They’re studied in many HIS courses
31. Famed Platonic work
37. Ending for Princeton’s URL
38. Naughty child’s stocking stuffer
39. Big-time emotional damage
40. Prefix meaning “skin”
42. Speech at the Univ. Chapel
44. Hunters’ snares
45. Popular burger topping
47. Cuts the grass
49. Feature at Princeton’s former Pagoda Courts
50. Automate, as data processing
52. Corduroy fabric feature
53. Escape for sweat
54. Feathery accessory
56. One who’s paid to play
59. Ancient empire visited in last year’s young alumni Machu Picchu trek
62. Center of Princeton Chapel
66. Beyond the knowledge of
70. MAT 103 parameter
71. Barbara of I Dream of Jeannie
72. Sea eagle
73. Easily annoyed
74. Drinks that might be served at the Department of East Asian Studies
75. ___ Window (Hitchcock classic)

1. Gossip, slangily
2. Ninth letter, in the classics department
3. Change for a five
4. Good names
5. Dye brand
6. Confess openly
7. Crystal ____ (street name for a stimulant)
8. More white-faced
9. Nurse, as a drink
10. Org. for Lions and Bears
11. Nest egg options, for short
12. Bread for a gyro
13. Controversial cell type
18. ___ Perego (trendy stroller brand)
19. Snow-white wader
24. Big name in muscle cars
26. Fits of growth
27. Skier’s upward transport
28. Wine region where Château Lafite is found
29. Glandular prefix
30. Festival celebrated at the Center for Jewish Life
32. Sounds at Triangle Club shows
33. Kind of essential oil
34. ____ Kai (Hawaiian resort)
35. Force forward
36. Hindu social division
38. Inferno part
41. Do a swab’s job
43. Peri Gilpin’s Frasier role
46. Comic preceder?
48. Where many a Princeton page can be found
51. Substance used in cheesemaking
52. Legal release form
55. Propeller on Lake Carnegie
56. ____-doc (many a Princeton fellow)
57. Feature of looseleaf paper
58. People once of the Winnebago nation
60. Give up, as territory
61. On the bounding main
63. Be studly?
64. Olin of Chocolat
65. Washstand pitcher
67. Make a decision
68. Eerie
69. Many crossword clues

Stella Daily ’00 is a regular participant and high finisher in the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

For the answer to this puzzle, click here.