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Michael Celia

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
Position: PEI Faculty/Associated Faculty
Title(s): Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  • Carbon Mitigation
  • Environmental - Engineering
  • Environmental - Mitigation
  • Grand Challenges
  • Grand Challenges - Climate & Energy
  • Grand Challenges - Development
  • Water
Office: E409 Engineering Quad E-Wing
Phone: 609-258-5425
Michael Celia

Research Interests

Carbon mitigation; ground-water hydrology; contaminant transport simulation; multi-phase flow in porous media; modeling and analysis of geological storage of carbon dioxide.

PEI Research/Program Affiliations

  • PEI Executive Committe
  • ENV Executive Committee
  • Grand Challenges Faculty
  • Lead Project PI, Carbon Mitigation Initiative
  • Associated Faculty, Cooperative Institute for Climate Science


  • CEE/ENV/URB 303: Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • CEE 502: Environmental Engineering Fundamentals II: Surface and Subsurface Processes
  • CEE 599: Special Topics in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources - Carbon Capture & Geologic Sequestration Challenges

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