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Geoffrey Vallis

  • Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
PEI Position: Faculty/Associated Faculty
Title(s): Senior Research Geoscientist, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Geosciences and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
  • Climate Science and Modeling
Office: 216A Forrestal Campus, Sayre Hall
Phone: 609-258-6176
Geoffrey Vallis

Research Interests

Climate dynamics; atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics; general circulation of the ocean and atmosphere; turbulence theory; geostrophic turbulence.

PEI Research/Program Affiliation

  • Associate Director, Cooperative Institute for Climate Science


  • AOS 571: Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • AOS 572: Atmospheric and Oceanic Wave Dynamics
  • AOS 573: Physical Oceanography