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Satish Myneni

  • Geosciences
Position: PEI Faculty/Associated Faculty
Title(s): Associate Professor of Geosciences
  • Environmental - Chemistry
  • Environmental - Mitigation
  • Grand Challenges
  • Grand Challenges - Development
  • Grand Challenges - Health
Office: M51 Guyot Hall
Phone: 609-258-5848
Satish Myneni

Research Interests

Geochemistry; biogeochemical processes; elemental cycling, biological chemistry of elements, and the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment.

PEI Research/Program Affiliation

  • Grand Challenges Faculty


  • GEO/CHM/ENV 331: Intro to Environmental Global Chemistry: Chemistry of the Natural Systems (STX)
  • GEO/CHM 470: Environmental Chemistry of Soils