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April 12, 2013   >>
Friday, April 12
Two-Day Conference: The Ethics of Risk and Climate Change (PIIRS)
PIIRS research community, "Communicating Uncertainty: Science, Institutions and Ethics in the Politics of Global Climate Change"
Organizers: Marc Fleurbaey, University Center for Human Values; Melissa Lane, Department of Politics; and Stephane Zuber, Centre de Recherche Sens, Ethique et Societe
Aaron Burr Hall, Room 219  ·  9:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.
PEI-STEP Application Deadline
The PEI-STEP Program Half-time fellowships (stipend and tuition) are provided for 24 months, to permit Ph.D. students in science and engineering to address the environmental policy implications of their thesis research through supplementary course-work and policy-oriented research. Fellows will also be awarded an additional $3,500 for research support. Students in the humanities and social sciences who wish to enhance their research with studies in environmental science and engineering will also be considered. The goal of PEI-STEP is to make students more effective and more versatile in their careers as scientists, teachers, and leaders in the public and private sectors and to increase awareness among science and engineering students and faculty of how their discipline-based skills can be brought to bear on environmental problems.

APPLICATIONS: Currently-enrolled graduate students in their first, second, or third year in science and engineering departments are eligible to apply. Humanities and social sciences students who are interested in this program should consult with the PEI-STEP Director, Professor Michael Oppenheimer, prior to completing an application. The application must include a CV, graduate transcript, project description, and a description of the central thesis research, worked out in cooperation with the student's thesis adviser and the proposed PEI-STEP adviser. Letters of support from both advisers are required. Criteria for selection include a strong academic record, a well-thought-out research plan and engagement of the thesis adviser in the research plan.

To apply, please go to:
 ·  11:55 p.m.11:55 p.m.