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Liquid Water at Interfaces: New Insights From Molecular Scale Studies, Ian C. Bourg

Ian C. Bourg, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Interfaces involving liquid water (water‐solid, water‐air, water‐hydrocarbon) are ubiquitous in the geosphere. They also play important roles in many water and wastewater treatment operations. An abiding question in the study of these interfaces is the manner in which the properties of interfacial water differ from those of bulk liquid water. This talk discusses new insights into the properties of liquid water at interfaces and the relevance of these insights to studies of adsorption and precipitation, molecular diffusion, interfacial redox reactions, colloidal aggregation, multiphase flow in porous media, dissolution of gases in groundwater, methane emissions from lake sediments, and cloud droplet nucleation.

Location: Friend Center Room 006

Date/Time: 04/03/14 at 4:30 pm - 04/03/14 at 6:00 pm

Category: Sponsored & Affiliated Events

Department: Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI)