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Winners Announced for 2011 Green Business Competition

The 2011 Green Business Plan Competitions winners have been selected as follows:

First Place ($7,600): Skywater

Team Members:  Alexandra Douwes '11, Jennifer Keeley '11, Kait Mauritz '11, Janelle Morris '11, Genevieve Ryan '11

Second Place ($1,976): Let There Be Light

Team Members: Josh Bachner '13, Lauren Alliegro '11

Third Place ($576): Vamos Energy

Team Members: Sarah Adams '11, Eric Donado '11, Peter Florence '12, Eleanor Elbert '12

Semi-Finalists Announced for 2011 Green Business Competitition

The 2011 Green Business semi-finalists will present their plans on Feb. 26, 2011, to be eligible for the $10,000 in cash awards. This year's six semi-finalists include:

  • AgriText
    AgriText provides market and organic farming information to small farmers in Liberia by cellphone, increasing their ability to obtain favorable prices and upgrade their crops and operations. (Michael Keaton '11, Michael Perl '11)
  • Let There Be Light
    Let There Be Light sources and constructs solar charging stations for batteries, spreading the benefits of electric lights, cellphones and other communications to rural areas beyond the electricity grid, beginning in Afghanistan. (Josh Bachner '13, Lauren Alliegro '11)
  • Liberia onBoard
    Liberia onBoard will construct a factory to purchase waste wheat straw from Liberian farmers for use as the major component of a high-quality wallboard for construction, reducing costs, providing additional income to farmers, recycling materials and reducing the environmental impact of construction. (Rena Chen '11)
  • Skywater
    Skywater combines rooftop rain collection technology and support for rural schools in Bangladesh. Funding and organizing clean rainwater capture at womens' schools will improve health, provide funding for schools through sale of clean water and provide vocational training for students. (Alexandra Douwes '11, Jennifer Keeley '11, Kait Mauritz '11, Janelle Morris '11, Genevieve Ryan '11)
  • Worldwater Liberia
    Worldwater Liberia will create a system to provide disinfection resources to private well owners in Monrovia, Liberia, improving public health and providing employment. (Jay Qi '12)
  • Vamos Energy
    Vamos Energy recycles high capacity electric car batteries and develops charging stations to provide reliable backup electricity to schools, hospitals and commercial enterprises in Nicaragua. (Sarah Adams '11, Eric Donado '11, Peter Florence '12, Eleanor Elbert '12)

More Information

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From the 2011 Green Business Competition (Photos: David Heinz)