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Princeton Class of 1976

Princeton Class of '76 Green Business Plan Competition Past Awards

Past Awards Business Name
Business Description Team Member(s)
2011 First Place $7,600) Skywater Combines rooftop rain collection technology and support for rural schools in Bangladesh Alexandra Douwes '11, Jennifer Keeley '11, Kait Mauritz '11, Janelle Morris '11, Genevieve Ryan '11
2011 Second Place ($1,976) Let There Be Light Constructs solar charging stations for batteries beginning in Afghanistan Josh Bachner '13, Lauren Allegro '11
2011 Third Place ($576) Vamos Energy Recycles high capacity electric car batteries and develops charging stations in Nicaragua Sarah Adams '11, Eric Donado '11, Peter Florence '12, Eleanor Elbert '12
2010 First Place ($10,076) Em(Power) Converting landfill waste into energy in Pakistan Dalia Nahol '10, Faaez ul Haq '12, Jacob Hiller '10, Fahad Shams (Masters Degree Candidate), Michael Smith '10
2010 Second Place ($4,076) Revino Reclaimed Wine Bottles, LLC Wine bottle recovery and redistribution business in Oregon Jacob Hiller '10
2010 Third Place ($1,076) Vermicapture Development Solutions, LLC Organic fertilizer business produced from vermiculture and vermicast with municipal dewatered sludge in Cape Town Maurie Carr '10