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Archive – October 2012

As part of a series, All Things Considered asked Princeton evolutionary biologist Iain Couzin for his perspective on the science of leadership.
Even before graduating from Princeton in 2008, Jana Holt knew she wanted to pursue a career in environmental advocacy. What she didn’t know was that she’d find an outlet for her passion in the corporate world.
A team of five Princeton engineering graduate students is leading a yearlong field research project using new laser sensors to measure pollutants with unprecedented sensitivity.
Elephant hair could help cool the giants down, unlike the hair on all other known animals that helps keep them warm, researchers say.
More than 800 acres of forests, arboretums, wildlife preserves, war memorials and lakes lie within a 15-minute walk of campus.
Visiting professors at the Princeton Environmental Institute, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, teach World Religions and Ecology at Yale University.
A new study that modeled the impact of climate change on more than 600 fish species says that most of those species could shrink by between 14 and 24 percent by the year 2050.
PEI visiting faculty members, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, will present and discuss their Emmy Award winning film (50 minutes), Journey of the Universe.