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Archive – January 2013

Turning solid waste into fuel and reducing greenhouse gases emitted in making concrete are the two innovations funded by the Princeton Energy and Environment Corporate Affiliates Program.
Instructors: Eric Larson, a research engineer with the Energy Systems Analysis Group of the Princeton Environmental Instituteand lecturer in chemical and biological engineering and inmechanical and aerospace engineering; Sankaran Sundaresan, professor of chemical and biological engineering; and Daniel Giammar, the William R. Kenan Jr. Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (on leave from Washing
Fifty years ago, C. P. Snow delivered a famous lecture on "The Two Cultures," the sciences and the humanities. Visting Barron Professor Ken Hiltner examines whether these two cultures can coexist and work together today.
Through Princeton's Grand Challenges Initiative, Joao Biehl mentors undergraduates working on their senior theses in a variety of global and domestic settings.
Three PEI associated faculty members, Alexander Glaser, M.V. Ramana, and Robert Socolow, are among 17 co-authors of an open letter to President Barack Obama.
A series of recent droughts from Australia to the United States has led some scientists to warn that global warming has already begun to increase worldwide drought.
Forests absorb around one quarter of the carbon dioxide that humans produce, but one small insect pest is jeopardizing this good work, with potentially serious consequences for climate change.