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Archive – March 2013

In a small room tucked in a corner of Princeton University's MacMillan Building, computer screens cover the wall and line desktops, each displaying a colorful cornucopia of data used to monitor campus energy equipment and limit the University's energy consumption.
Examining a case study of near-death experiences for six healthy men who volunteered to test an experimental drug in London has yielded important insights into potentially deadly over-reactions of the human immune system.
Mung Chiang has been awarded the National Science Foundation’s highest honor for young researchers, the Alan T. Waterman Award.
Along with two fellow undergraduates, senior and former Grand Challenges Health Intern, Raphael Frankfurter, receives Labouisse Award.
Denali Barron '09 caving near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo courtesy of Denali Barron A passion for the environment leads Princeton students in many different directions after graduation. In Denali Barron’s case, it led her to become an outdoor environmental education professional in Thailand and Colorado. “I love working in the outdoor and experiential education industry because it lies at the cross-section of personal development, global environmental issues, and outdoor ad
For about 2½ years Princeton PEI associated faculty member and visual-arts professor Sue Friedrich has been documenting the transformation of her Brooklyn neighborhood, Williamsburg.