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PEI Newsletter Archives: 2007

Fall 2007

  • Eight PEI Associated Faculty Members are Part of Nobel-Winning Panel
  • Princeton is Ready to Engage in a Grand Challenge
  • Faculty Interview: Xenia Morin
  • Alumni Interview: Donna M. Riley '93
  • Forming an Environmental Coalition on Campus
  • Students Receive Awards
  • PEI Research and Center News

Spring 2007

PEI Spring Newsletter
  • Jeffrey D. Sachs: "The World Will Reach a Settlement on Climate Change by 2010"
  • PEI Team Leads Interactive Climate Session at AAAS National Meeting
  • Interview with PEI's Tom Kreutz: Course Focuses on Reduction of Campus CO2 Emissions
  • Colvin Award Funds Research in Kenya and South Africa
  • PEI Research and Center News

Winter 2007

PEI Winter Newsletter
  • Food, Ethics, and the Environment Conference Successfully Educates and Inspires
  • PEI Sponsors Meeting to Facilitate Campus Food Initiatives
  • Students and Dining Services Lead the Way to Ethical Menus
  • Michael Celia: Focusing on the New PIIRS/PEI African "Water" Project
  • PEI Student Internships Provide Real-World Experience in the Environmental Field
  • PEI Research and Center News
  • In Memorial: Edward I. Stiefel