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PEI Newsletter Archives: 2008

Fall/Winter 2008

PEI Fall Newsletter
  • Gift from Thomas A. Barron '74 to PEI Will Help Connect Environment and Humanities
  • Welcome: From the Desk of Stephen W. Pacala
  • Sustainable Eating at Princeton: Dining Services Makes the Grade
  • PECS Advances Exchanges on Energy and Climate
  • Lecture Series Honors IPCC and Princeton Contributors
  • Storing Wind Power: PEI Researchers Submit Report on Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • One Picture: Campus in October
  • Interns Around the Globe
  • Sustainability 101: Environmental Initiatives Become Teaching Tools
  • Collaboration Between PEI and GFDL Fuels Sarmiento's Climate Change Research
  • PEI's Center for BioComplexity Investigating the Fundamental Laws of Biology
  • Climate Modeling Center at Forefront of Climate Research
  • Building Momentum and Sustaining It
  • PEI's Class Day 2008
  • Faculty Transitions and Awards
  • Events, Fall 2008

Spring 2008

PEI Spring Newsletter
  • PEI and the Center for African American Studies: An Environmental Justice Initiative
  • Bermuda Living Lab
  • Majora Carter on Greening the Bronx
  • Princeton Unveils its Sustainability Plan
  • David Suzuki on Sustainability: The Real Challenge
  • Poem by Robert Hass
  • Health Grand Challenge Aims to Solve Global Problems
  • Grand Challenges Faculty Research Grants Awarded
  • 2007 Colvin Award Winners
  • Compton Fellow Alex Nees ’06
  • Ian Vann: Visiting Fellow
  • PEI Research and Center News
  • Faculty Interview: Pal Pepo
  • Events
  • Faculty Transitions; Fall Courses