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Research Areas

Environmental Research

PEI’s research interests are distinguishable from other (environmentally focused) research activities at Princeton as endeavors involving faculty and research affiliates working across disciplinary lines. These interactions span focal research areas such as carbon mitigation, energy, global health and infectious diseases, biodiversity, conservation, sustainability, water, environmental science, and policy.

Through the Grand Challenges program, new research alliances are taking shape to address complex issues surrounding energy and climate; water and the environment; sustainable development; and infectious disease and global health.

PEI is home to a vibrant visiting scholars program in environmental research. The program brings to campus exceptional senior scholars from academia, government, industry, and nongovernmental organizations.

Research Centers


Climate Futures Initiative explores normative and positive approaches to the future of humankind, especially as that future is affected by climate change. more >>

Carbon Mitigation Initiative

A 15-yearlong partnership between Princeton University and BP with the goal of finding solutions to the carbon and climate problem. more >>

Center for BioComplexity

Developing new mathematical and empirical approaches to complexity in biology. more >>

Cooperative Institute for Climate Science

A collaboration between the University and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL). more >>

Energy Systems Analysis Group

Engineering and policy analysis for major problems associated with energy production and use. more >>

Environmental Humanities at Princeton

A program for advancing research and teaching in the environmental humanities. more >>

Grand Challenges

An ambitious and broadly inclusive initiative addressing global environmental problems in climate and energy, water and the environment, sustainable development, and health. more >>


Network created to mitigate climate change, put an end to poaching, and ensure natural-resource equity. more >>


An multi-institutional program funded by NSF to enhance our understanding of the Southern Ocean through biogeochemical observations and modeling. more >>

Research Areas