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Research Opportunities

For Undergraduates

Research Opportunities
(Photo: Brian Wilson)

Undergraduate students interested in the environment may engage in research projects developed and supported by PEI while at Princeton, from freshman year to graduation:

For Graduates

Princeton graduate students wishing to study environmental issues may explore the following opportunities:

For Postdoctoral and Research Staff

For research, postdoctoral and staff positions within PEI, please see Jobs at Princeton.

For Faculty

PEI administers a variety of grants and is uniquely situated to support interdisciplinary research projects. PEI has a track record of long-term support from government agencies, foundations, and industry partners. For additional information, please contact Stacey Christian, PEI’s Department Manager.

PEI and Andlinger Joint Call for Proposals

PEI Andlinger

The deadline for the Princeton Environmental Institute and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment joint call for proposals for innovative research, teaching, and mentorship in energy and the environment is March 20th, 2015.