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Meet PEI and Grand Challenges Past Interns: 2008

Richard Andrews

Richard Andrews, 2009
Economics Major
"I worked with the Regional Development Office on the Navajo Nation soliciting contracts for land surveys and environmental and archaeological assessments." more >>

James Burgess

James Burgess, 2009
Mathematics Major
"The purpose of this project was to investigate and analyze a novel biofuel production system." more >>

Joonas Govenius

Joonas Govenius, 2010
Physics Major
"My project at Advanced Energy Systems was to model Neutral Beam Injectors used in tokamak fusion reactors for heating up hydrogen plasma." more >>

Gregor Horstmeyer

Gregor Horstmeyer, 2010
 Civil and Environmental Engineering Major
"I worked at Standford University making a report on future GHG emissions using probabilistic projections of the emissions and radiative forcing pathways." more >>

Babur Khwaja

Babur Khwaja, 2009
Economics Major
"I developed a novel energy production system utilizing anaerobic biodigestion of the abundant, pelagic macroalgae, Sargassum Fluitans." more >>

Bilesh Ladva

Bilesh Ladva, 2011
Undecided Major
"My summer project involved a practical training aspect with the electrical firing circuit and producing an effective computer." more >>

Raleigh Martin

Raleigh Martin, 2008
Civil and Environmental Engineering Major
"The purpose of my project at MIRTH was to investigate the  effects of urbanization on rainfall climatology, with a special focus on Beijing. " more >>

Abby Poats

Abby Poats, 2009
Politics Major
"As an American Council on Renewable Energy intern, I compiled over 200 contacts in energy/renewable and environmental law practices throughout the U.S." more >>

Aishwarya Sridhar

Aishwarya Sridhar, 2009
Electrical Engineering Major
"I worked with developing and deploying novel mid-infra-red spectroscopic equipment as part of a China Olympics project." more >>

Mark Smith

Mark Smith, 2009
Biology Major
"I endeavored to develop a novel energy production system utilizing anaerobic biodigestion of the abundant, pelagic macroalgae ." more >>

Benjamin Weisman

Benjamin Weisman, 2011
Anthropology Major
"At ISLES, I looked into cost effective strategies for retrofits, as well as advocacy for possible changes to current state policy." more >>

Tom Yersak

Tom Yersak, 2009
Mechanical Engineering Major
"I worked for the Navajo Hopi Land Commission Office  acquiring and developing “New Lands” for the benefit of Navajo relocatees affected by land disputes." more >>

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Fatu S. Conteh, 2010
Chemistry Major
"My research this past summer was focused on using novel protocols in proteomics to find the protein target(s) of artemisnin." more >>

William Dixon

William Dixon, 2009
Molecular Biology Major
"In the course of my research at the Gitai lab, I discovered that multiple genes may be responsible for a defect in flagellar placement." more >>

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Alex Gertner, 2010
Anthropology Major
"My internship aimed to understand the meaning and consequences of a right-based administration of health through the judiciary." more >>

Ali Kelley

Ali Kelley, 2009
Politics Major
"This summer I went to South Africa with three other Princeton students to study local government responses to infectious disease." more >>

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David Laslett, 2009
Operations Research and Financial Engineering Major
"During my internship in South Africa, I visited an HIV clinic and an economic policy research institute to study HIV patients and the social welfare system." more >>

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Karen Lillie, 2009
Anthropology Major
"I conducted a study in Puebla Mexico on how the therapeutic itineraries of HIV/AIDS patients affect their lives." more >>

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James Marvel, 2009
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major
"At the Max Planck Institute, I used immuno-compromised chickens to assess the spatio-temporal abundances of pathogens in a particular environment." more >>

Raaj Mehta

Raaj Mehta, 2010
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major
"Over the summer, I worked at the Center for the Study of the Presidency, an advocacy organization in the lobbying K St corridor of Washington." more >>

Amy Moran-Thomas

Amy Moran-Thomas
Anthropology Major
"My project combined ethnographic and archival research on the newly created category of "neglected tropical diseases." more >>

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Agatha O. Offorjebe, 2009
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major
"The objective of my research project was to discover why bed net usage in Sub-Saharan Africa is much lower in urban areas than in rural areas." more >>

Richmond Owusu

Richmond Adusei Owusu, 2009
Chemistry Major
"My research started with the synthesis and chemical analysis of various analogs of phenyldiketoacids (PKBAs)." more >>

Josephine Yolisa Nalule

Josephine Yolisa Nalule, 2010
Molecular Biology Major
"My project focused on AIDS treatment failure and decision-making processes of when to switch a patient from 1st to 2nd and line treatment." more >>

Brittany Stanley

Brittany Stanley, 2009
Woodrow Wilson School Major
"The aim of my South African project was to study the connection between infectious disease priorities at the local government level and public health policies." more >>

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Alex Vuckovic, 2009
Politics Major
"I conducted a survey in South Africa that provided insight into how local officials prioritize issues facing their citizenry." more >>

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Peter Shengyang Wu, 2009
Chemistry Major
"In my summer work, I applied FBA to the human model in an attempt to quantify the effect of human cytomegalovirus infection on host cell metabolic fluxes." more >>

James Yan

James Yan, 2009
 Chemistry Major
"My internship was focused on researching a mechanism of iron acquisition utilized by bacteria and fungi." more >>