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Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS)

  • PIIRS Faculty Director Molly Greene Talks to "The Atlantic"
    Currently in Thessaloniki, Greece teaching a PIIRS Global Seminar, Molly Greene spoke to The Atlantic on "How Greece Became European" explaining how Greece's history has contributed to today's crisis.
  • "Ideology, Nationalism and Development: An Experiential Study in Tanzania's Revolution"
    Every year, Princeton students travel to Tanzania’s largest and richest city for interesting summer study abroad programs led by PIIRS Lecturer Mahiri Mwita. The innovative courses immerse students in the daily life and culture of the Dar es Salaam residents. Read their stories here.
  • PIIRS Global Seminars
    Every summer Princeton students head overseas for an adventure of a lifetime, traveling to one of six fascinating locations, chosen for their historical or political significance. These seminars are truly special since the courses are held in the heart of the Seminar’s subject matter. Read what students have to say about their experiences on a PIIRS Global Seminar.
  • Paleoclimate-Dendroclimatology Workshop for Pre-Modernists
    This fall, a new PIIRS Research Community on Climate Change and history will host its first workshop. Entitled “Paleoclimate –Dendroclimatology Workshop for Pre-Modernists,” the workshop has been designed for history and archaeology graduate students and junior faculty with no previous knowledge of the subjects.
  • Fung Global Fellows Program: Call for Applications
    During the academic year 2016/17, the theme for the Fung Global Fellows Program will be “International Society: Institutions and Actors in Global Governance.” The growth of international organizations and transnational actors has brought about the emergence of a dense international society above the nation-state.
  • Bridge to the Future
    As soon as rising senior Azza Cohen learned about the opportunity to participate in the gap-year program at Princeton, the Highland Park, Illinois native had her mind set. She was Princeton bound. The nine-month program took her to Varanasi, India
  • Cameron Maple '15 Names Global Seminar in Rio As Princeton Highlight
    Cameron Maple '15 says that one of his favorite times at Princeton was not even at Princeton, but in Rio de Janeiro during a PIIRS Global Seminar he attended the summer after his freshman year.
  • PIIRS Celebrates Class Day
    PIIRS celebrated Class Day on June 1 for two of its programs: the Program in African Studies and the Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication. Both sets of graduating seniors received their certificates during commencement ceremonies but were honored earlier by their respective program managers and faculty members.
  • PIIRS and OIP Alums Return for Reunions to Share Their International Experiences
    The alums who attended the PIIRS and the Office of International Programs inaugural Reunions event on May 29, all shared the same sentiments about their international experiences at Princeton: they were transformative.