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Friday, May 06
Business and Politics in India
Organizer: Atul Kohli
Over the last three decades politics in India has been transformed fundamentally in a pro-business direction. State commitment to socialism and redistribution has been replaced by the goal of growth promotion via support for private enterprise. Unlike in many other developing (or socialist) countries, this important shift in India has been incremental – within the frame of democracy and without any dramatic regime change – and has led to a political strengthening within India of indigenous – instead of foreign – capital. How this shift has come about and the implications of such a shift for governing India’s giant political economy are the key themes that we will analyze in this project.  We hope to bring together leading scholars of Indian politics, society and economy, so as to produce a tightly argued volume of high quality.
Cosponsored by The Center for International and Regional Studies; The Project on Democracy and Development
216 Aaron Burr Hall  ·  8:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m.